Barack Obama Loved Eighth Grade, Annihilation, In His Top 10 Movies List

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Man, how can the president have more time to watch movies than I do? I mean, clearly he hasn’t seen Sorry To Bother You, the weird leftist cult style movie that should be dominating every single top ten list, but he did see Annihilation, so that rules. Hell yes to the President of the United States watching weird ass science fiction alien bears. In any case, the president still does his job of elevating culture a little bit with a fantastic and comprehensive Top Ten list. Sure, Bo Burnham may have been shut out of a director’s Golden Globe for his phenomenal movie “Eighth Grade”, but he can hold his head above water knowing that when the president saw the dad in that movie nervously being unsure about how to talk to his daughter, but trying damn it, he probably said, and I quote “I…uh… relate!” That was my Obama impression in type. Outside of not having The Favourite for some insane, probably pro monarchial (probably, right? I don’t know) reason, here were Barack Obama’s top ten films of 2018 that, I assume, was made before he saw Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. I mean, it’s a Spider-Man movie with a Spider-Man that some say was inspired in part by him! Why wouldn’t you want to see that!? Anywho, here’s the list.

Again the movies were:

Black Panther
The Death of Stalin
Eighth Grade
If Beale Street Could Talk
Leave No Trace
Minding the Gap
The Rider
Support the Girls
Won’t You Be My Neighbor

His books I can’t speak about, I spent the year reading horror novels and books about John Waters movies. As for the songs however, pretty good! Any list that includes Janelle Monae, Kurt Vile AND the overlooked but incredible joint effort from Beyoncé and Jay-Z seems like a good list to me. But what about that song with Nicki Minaj on it from Spider-Verse? Familia? I guess that’s on my list. Listen to the Spider-Verse album everyone. It’s really good.

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