Batman’s Sidekick Tim Drake Comes Out As Bi-Sexual In Latest Comic

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Robin's coming out!
Source: Twitter user @thedcnation

In the latest issue of Batman: Urban Legends #6, Tim Drake aka Robin Batman’s partner in crime has come out as bisexual. Tim Drake has been a part of the DC Universe for over 30 years and more recently adapting to the new times and challenging social norms across the board. This would be a first for DC universe striking all sorts of commentary including praise and hate for the decision made by the long-standing comic.

One commentator advocated for it, “Tim Drake finally coming out is so inspiring, DC never wanted a queer Robin but after years and years of campaigning from writers and fans it finally happened. A Big thank you to Meghan Fitz martin, Belen Ortega and Alejandro Sanchez for making this moment so beautiful.” While others opposed some said, “this is stupid and forced.”

Meghan Fitzmartin is the front runner for the comic and has a pretty good fiction portfolio. Getting her start with supernatural back in 2005 and later being credited for an episode she wrote in 2016 “Peace of Mind”. She was later promoted to staff writer also wrote in the hit show Supergirl. Now taking the lead role in heading the new Batman comic she is challenging the status quo.

Tim is having dinner with his friend Bernard Dowd, when it’s interrupted by new and strange enemy. Robin swoops aid in saving his friend but his friend who does not yet know his identity yet. Bernard tells Robin that he wishes he could have finished his date with Tim and he’s sure that he knows that by now. This gave Robin/Tim the “lightbulb moment” in which most LGBTQ+ members can relate to that leads to their coming out.


Afterwards Tim approaches the door nervously and explains his confusion on the night they shared but he would like to explore the thought and thus Bernard asks Tim on a date ending the issue #6 until December. Meghan Fitz martin discuses Tim’s major moment with polygon, “I love his character very much, and as I went back to reread as much as I could to do Robin justice, it became clear this is the story Tim needed to tell.”

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