Bebe Rexha Vows Legal Action Against Concertgoer Who Attempted to Throw Object on Stage: ‘I’ll Take You for Everything’

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Bebe Rexha recently took decisive action during one of her concerts when a disruptive audience member allegedly attempted to throw an object at her mid-performance. The incident occurred at a recent festival appearance, as captured in a fan-filmed video circulating on social media.

In the video, Rexha can be seen addressing the crowd member sternly, declaring, “If you hit me with something on the stage, I will take you for everything you’ve f—ing got. Do not f—ing play with me right now.” She demanded the individual be identified, asserting, “Which one? Point me to the person. I want to see them.” Upon locating the culprit, Rexha decisively ordered their removal from the venue, stating, “Out. Get the f— out. That’s it. It’s done for you.”

After the disruptive fan was escorted out, Rexha resumed her performance, restarting the song interrupted by the incident and continuing the show for the remaining attendees. A representative for Rexha did not immediately respond to a request for comment from PEOPLE regarding the incident.

Similarly, during a recent performance in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Rexha had ten individuals removed from the venue for allegedly throwing objects on stage. In response, she bluntly addressed the disruptors, stating, “Out, out. Or, if you wanna hit me in the face, I had to press charges for the other guy — I’d love to become richer,” as documented in a TikTok video from the event.

This occurred approximately a year after an incident in June 2023 where Rexha was struck in the forehead by a thrown phone during a concert at The Rooftop at Pier 17 in lower Manhattan. The impact caused a split eyebrow and a black eye, necessitating medical attention and hospitalization for stitches.

The individual responsible for throwing the phone, identified as New Jersey resident Nicolas Malvagna, faced legal consequences including charges of assault and harassment. Reports indicate he may resolve the charges through a community service agreement.


Rexha, known for hits like “I’m Good (Blue)” and “Chase It,” has been candid about her frustrations within the music industry, recently expressing discontent and a desire for change. In posts shared on X, she voiced her readiness to reveal more about her experiences, stating, “I could bring down a BIG chunk of this industry. I AM frustrated. I have been UNDERMINED.”

The incidents underscore the challenges faced by performers dealing with intrusive behavior from audience members and highlight Rexha’s determination to maintain control and safety during her live performances. As she continues to navigate these challenges, Rexha remains committed to delivering memorable performances while ensuring her safety and that of her fans.

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