Behind The Story of The Infectious TikTok Southern Couple Dakota Wright and Jackson Mullins

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Nestled just north of Charlotte, Dakota Wright, along with his husband Jackson Mullins, have become a digital sensation, celebrated for their Southern charm, infectious humor, and unfiltered authenticity. As of June 2024, Dakota boasts a staggering 700,000 followers on TikTok and an Instagram audience of approximately 160,000, numbers that underscore their influence in the realm of online content creation.

Originally from Virginia, Dakota and Jackson’s narrative of love and fame began in the Triad region of North Carolina, where their paths crossed unexpectedly at a Greensboro nightclub. Dakota, then navigating a career in real estate, found a soulmate in Jackson, a dedicated nurse practitioner whose presence would eventually become integral to their shared journey into the spotlight.

The couple’s initial taste of fame arrived through an engagement showcased on a Bravo after-show, marking their entry into the public eye. However, it wasn’t until 2021 that their digital trajectory truly skyrocketed, catalyzed by a seemingly innocuous TikTok video filmed at a local Cook Out.

“We filmed it casually, no edits, and by the next morning, my phone was buzzing non-stop,” Dakota reminisced. The video, featuring their humorous take on a food haul, struck a chord with viewers, amassing over 2 million views virtually overnight.


Cookout for dinner

♬ original sound – dakotawright

Reflecting on the unexpected virality, Wright admitted, “We didn’t expect such a huge response. It was just us being ourselves, enjoying some food and sharing our lives.”

From that moment, Wright made the bold decision to transition into full-time content creation, leveraging his platform not only for entertainment but also as a canvas for candid discussions about mental health and personal struggles, including his battles with eating disorders.


“Our videos are more than just jokes; they’re about real-life moments and challenges,” Wright explained. “It’s important to show that life isn’t always perfect, even in the world of social media.”

Jackson, ever the supportive partner, has emerged as a prominent figure in Dakota’s content, sharing his journey as a role model for individuals with cleft lips, a condition he was born with.


Cracker Barrel for dinner

♬ original sound – dakotawright

“I’ve received messages from LGBTQ+ individuals with cleft palates, thanking me for showing them that anything is possible,” Jackson shared. “Representation matters, and I’m honored to be a voice for those who need it.”

Their impact extends beyond their core audience, resonating with diverse demographics who appreciate their humor, authenticity, and representation of Southern LGBTQ+ identities. The couple has received recognition from celebrities and influencers alike, with interactions ranging from comedians like Fortune Feimster and Bert Kreischer to a surreal encounter with Tina Fey’s husband, Jeff Richmond, at the Mean Girls Musical Premiere in New York City.


grwm and get to know me

♬ original sound – dakotawright


“I was totally freaking out inside!” Wright exclaimed. “It’s surreal to think our names might have been mentioned in Tina Fey’s house.”

Their rise to fame has not been without challenges, however. Dakota acknowledges the occasional negativity that surfaces online, often directed towards their lifestyle and identities. Yet, they remain steadfast in their commitment to positivity and acceptance, using their platform to educate and inspire.

“The negative comments often reflect more about the commenter than they do about us,” Dakota mused. “We focus on spreading love and understanding.”


In N Out for lunch #food

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Their success has transcended digital boundaries, leading to collaborations with prominent brands, media features, and invitations to Hollywood events. Despite their burgeoning fame, Dakota and Jackson remain rooted in their Charlotte community, where they plan to build a future together.

“We want to have kids someday,” Dakota revealed. “But they won’t be part of our social media content. Privacy is something we value deeply.”

As they navigate the complexities of social media fame, Dakota continues to update his profiles with new content, while Jackson, preferring a more behind-the-scenes role, supports Dakota both on and off-camera.


Dinner at Carrabbas #food

♬ original sound – dakotawright

“Dakota’s videos are a labor of love,” Jackson affirmed. “I’m proud to be a part of his journey and to see the impact we’re making together.”

Their story serves as a beacon of hope and representation in an increasingly digital world, where authenticity and advocacy resonate deeply with audiences seeking genuine connections and positive role models.

“We’re just two guys sharing our lives,” Dakota concluded. “If our journey helps others feel seen or understood, then we’re grateful for the opportunity.”

As Dakota and Jackson Wright continue to captivate audiences with their blend of humor, authenticity, and advocacy, their influence continues to grow, solidifying their place as trailblazers in the evolving landscape of social media.

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