Betty Who Discusses New Single “Blow Out My Candle”

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Emily Assiran/Getty Images for Bustle

Australian singer-songwriter Betty Who, who released her last album “Betty” in 2019, dropped a new single last week called “Blow Out My Candle” and sat down with Culture Q on Revry to discuss it. The new song celebrates self-confidence and self-love, which inspired her music video where she dresses in spandex. She says that Jamie Lee Curtis in the 1985 film “Perfect” was the visual reference she used, as she says that this was how she was inspired to express herself. “I want to be myself and I want to go for it,” she explains.

She also says that the music video represents where she is in relationship to her body and how she doesn’t want to “hide it” and fully embraces it in the music video. “I think putting myself in a position to be really vulnerable in my body because I’m in a leotard and I’m really bearing it all, in that way felt really, as much as it was vulnerable and a little scary, it mostly felt liberating.”

In June, Amazon Prime releases her new dating show called “The One That Got Away” which brings single people together with their past relationships to see if there is anything still left there that could bloom into a new relationship. About the show, she says that she had the “best month” shooting it, and she also has not seen the show and will be watching it for the first time when it premieres.

When asked about what next, she says that we should be hearing new music from her soon, as she has an album being released in the fall. But, for now, make sure to check out her new single, along with “The One That Got Away” which premieres in June. To see the full interview, you can click here.


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