Beyoncé’s New Album is Here and Twitter is Obsessed

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Image: Beyoncé | Twitter

Beyoncé released her newest album “Renaissance”, making it her 7th studio album, and Twitter could not be more excited. With genres like house, disco, techno, and funk, it is a feel-good album with many people noting that nobody can make you dance as Beyoncé can. After creating what we know now as “New Music Friday,” she is certainly a pop-culture icon not just in music, but in fashion and television as well.

Beyoncé also made a nod to the queer community after referencing her late Uncle Johnny, a gay man, who she has mentioned before. In the CD booklet to her album, she credits him as “the first person to expose me to a lot of the music and the culture that serve as inspiration for this album.” She states she wrote the album during the pandemic, saying it was a “time to be still, but also a time I found to be the most creative.”

Many love this album already for the ability to dance to it and the feel-good atmosphere it creates. As some have pointed out, it also has a lot of references to the history of dance music, like “Energy” featuring writing and production from the EDM star Skrillex to “Move” including a feature from Grace Jones. Overall, many enjoy the album being so upbeat during a time that does not feel so positive. With lyrics of not being broken, being cozy in your skin, and overall just being something to dance to.

Since this is only the first album in a saga, with two more to come, many are excited to see what is next. “I predict act 2 is visuals and act 3 is the tour,” one person said, but who knows?


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