Black Mirror is Officially Getting a Sixth Season

Everyone's favorite dystopian is returning
By Savannah Moss
Image: Netflix

According to Variety, Netflix’s Black Mirror will be returning with its sixth season. The Netflix show, known for its chilling episodes regarding the dangers that advancing social media and technology can create, has not released episodes since 2019. Although the details have not yet been released, it is known that there will be more episodes than the amount that season five had. The show is one of Netflix’s most successful as it is known for its dystopian and movie-like episodes, often being sixty or more minutes long. A source tells Variety that the newer episodes will be even more cinematic in scope, with each installment being treated as an individual film.”

Twitter, who overall loves to discuss the show even when there are no new seasons, was definitely excited to hear about this. As it began to trend online, many discussed the possibility of the newest season, along with their favorite episodes from past seasons. “I need Black Mirror to come back. I need to know things could actually be worse,” one person commented. And, in the recent news that Netflix’s subscriber rates were decreasing, forcing them to raise prices and let off several employees, many joked that they decided Black Mirror was their only chance to increase viewers.

Since Black Mirror hasn’t premiered since the pandemic, many joked that we did not actually need a new season of Black Mirror, since we were already living in it now. “No, thanks. It was more fun when we weren’t actually living Black Mirror,” one person wrote. “I have never been so excited yet terrified of a show announcement, ever. Black Mirror is a documentary,” another agreed.

Overall, fans were excited to see the show return as they believe it made a point that things could always get worse. And, in a world where things look pretty bleak, I guess this is a positive.