BlockChain Report 10/8: Shira Lazar Interviews Science Inc CEO Michael Jones

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Are you curious about what it would take for a traditional investor to enter into the Blockchain Market? Well, Science Inc CEO Michael Jones, in an interview with Shira Lazar, talks about the ongoing process of entering that universe. The discussion goes to how you find Blockchains which work for you, how to sift through the random concepts which are overfunded but are no good, and how to find the Blockchain that’s right for you. Plus, Michael Jones discusses his future entrepreneurial ideas using the tools that cryptocurrency provides, the security and rights, and how he can best the lax security surrounding e-mails — something he hopes to see in 2019.

This is discussed and more in the 20 minute interview above! Check it out! Enjoy it! Learn! Then check back during the week for more of your regular host, Taylor Nikloai, as he gives you the latest cryptocurrency news!

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