Shein and WeWhoreWhat Accused of Stealing Design

Popular fashion brands accused of stealing from a smaller business.
By Savannah Moss

In a viral TikTok, designer Mariama Diallio explained how Shein and WeWhoreWhat, two well-known fashion brands stole a design from her brand Sincerely Ria. The video posted by Diallio explains that she was nervous to speak up but felt that she had to.


So heartbroken right now. I pour my heart into @sincerelyria.xo just for huge corporations to steal and make millions. How can I even compete smh.

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The video is a screenshot of a post on Twitter from June 11explaining how she is “so over these major brands stealing from black designers.” She notes how the designing companies stole the designs without changing anything, as the pictures she posted show two identical photos highlighting how the brands have copied her designs. In the TikTok video, she notes that she has been working on the design since January 2020 and it came out in November, showing how much time and effort she used to design. Not only is the design identical, but the photographs of the designs were also identical to Diallio’s as well, as she notes that they took credit for her aesthetic as well.  In the original Tweet, Diallio only comments on how Shein stole her design. However, she also follows up after she found out WeWoreWhat also took the design.

A Recurring Problem

This is not the first time that either of the brands have been accused of stealing a design from another creator. One person on TikTok comments that “small businesses deserve better.” Others note that “we need to stop buying from these, they are stealing from our community and keeping us from building wealth as a collective. Put your money where it matters.” Diallo notes she will not give up as designing things is important to her and feels it is more than just a brand but a community. She has received support on her socials on both Twitter and TikTok from people who are as outraged as she is for not receiving credit or financial consumption for her work from the original design.