BREAKING: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Expecting Fourth Child

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North West, Chicago West, Saint West. Three children who were born celebrities due to their being born to the powerhouse couple of media. One a constantly oscillating once musical genius, now controversially eccentric Kanye West. The other is a pure figure of media and the shorthand for celebrity in our current era, Kim Kardashian. And now the couple has, according to, announced plans to bring to this world a fourth child. Like Chicago in 2018, this child will be brought into the world via surrogate.

The couple in the past has expressed unsurity of when exactly this child will come, but discussions of the kid were in the air as far back as October. A spokesman for the couple said:

“Kim and Kanye are expecting a fourth child via surrogate. The couple has always wanted a big family and their first time with surrogacy went so well, they decided to do it again. The couple is excited to welcome such an incredible gift in 2019. They’ve also talked that after this child, they are most likely done having kids.”

Well, that’s lovely. I can’t wait to write about the kid’s undoubtedly exciting name in the near future. I hope it’s another pun.

In the past the couple has hinted at the baby, but kept quiet on wether or not the child was coming, saying that they were unsure if they would bring a fourth child into the world. Kim Kardashian said to ET:

“My mom kind of prepped me [for what having three kids was like], and it was crazy because when everyone found out that I was having a third, everyone had a crazy story… like, ‘Two was great, but three, you are outnumbered. You are exhausted’… Like, all of these nightmare stories. [Having a brother for Saint] would be nice. It really would, but I’m very full right now.” a secure and seamless shopping platform with more than 100 million products from the beauty, health, toys, fashion and electronics which are sourced from the US, UK and India. It’s the only best online shopping e-commerce platform in Dubai which fills the gap of cross-countries products around the globe. It’s one of the leading e-commerce platform in the UAE & GCC, launched recently in the UK, India, Egypt and Singapore.

But there you go! That’s how you hint at your pregnancy when you’re one of the most famous people alive! Coyly!


Good luck to the Kardashian-Wests! I can’t wait to report on child #4 in this purely American celebrity couple.

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