Tinder Sue Parent Company, Match Group, For $2 BILLION

Tinder's not... super liking, this one!!!

There are tons of horror dating stories that have all happened because of one app: Tinder.  Not only do users of the most successful dating app have these stories to tell, but also the employees who work for the company. All ranges of employees at Tinder are the latest victims in this scandal, which has left these hard-working cupids billions of dollars out of pocket and Tinder’s parent company, Match Group, are the ones to blame.

Founders, executives and the creators of the ‘super-like’ button have had enough of playing mind games, and have sued their parent company, Match Group, for $2 billion. The lawsuit, which has been brought forward by ten employees of Tinder, claims that the owners of the app have been cheated out of billions of dollars. Co-founder and former CEO of Tinder, Sean Rad, stated the reason for this, by saying that Match Group have “used misleading and incomplete financial information and projections” so that they could value the company at much less than what it’s worth, ultimately leading Match Group to be under no obligation to pay any money to the company, as stated in an agreement between the two.

It sounds to me like the people at Match Group are perhaps a little bit jealous at the fact that Tinder has become so successful and probably worth a lot more than what Match.com did at its peak point. Match Group have also claimed that they are the reason why Tinder is so successful, as they apparently “took a very small start-up idea and made it into a cultural icon in less than five years.” But hey, why wouldn’t they want to take credit for a company that has an estimated revenue of $800 million? All jealousy and jokes aside, this situation is very bad.

This isn’t the first time that Tinder have been involved in a lawsuit, in which this time, they were at the receiving end of one, when former co-founder, Whitney Wolfe, filed a lawsuit and sued the company, due to sexual harassment and sexist, racist and inappropriate comments being sent to her thereafter by Rad, and another co-founder Justin Mateen. The two also wrote her out of Tinder’s history because of the lawsuit, by taking away her Vice President/co-founder title and ultimately, the credibility from her name.

Sounds a lot like what Match Group are trying to do to Tinder now. I guess that’s karma for you.

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