Britney Spears’ Audition Tape For ‘The Notebook’ Revealed Amid Upcoming Memoir Release

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Pop star Britney Spears  is speaking out on her past in ways that she never had the liberty to before. Amid the upcoming release of her memoir, “The Woman In Me,” the star revealed that she once auditioned for the lead role of Allie in Nicholas Sparks’ film “The Notebook.” The Daily Mail was first to obtain audition tape.

The role ultimately went to Rachel McAdams, with Ryan Gosling and James Marsden as her respective love interests. Fans of the singer are shocked to learn of her potential involvement in the iconic romantic drama film. The film follows an elderly man reading a love story from an old notebook to a female patient at a nursing home, only to be revealed that the story is actually their own and the elderly woman was suffering from memory loss.

Spears and Gosling were childhood friends after appearing on “The Mickey Mouse Club” together in the 1990s.

The South Carolina multi-timeline love story has captivated audiences since its 2004 release, and many fans of Spears continue to support her, but speaking on how McAdams still felt like the perfect choice for the film.


Some recall Spears’ 2002 film “Crossroads,” which effectively marked her final major acting role.

The Revelations From Spears’ “The Woman In Me”

Ahead of the release of her memoir “The Woman In Me,” pop star Britney Spears claimed that she was pregnant with Justin Timberlake‘s child during their relationship. In response, a source spoke to Entertainment Tonight claiming that Timberlake was reportedly “focusing on his own family and trying not to concern himself with Britney’s memoir.”

“In recent years, Justin has tried to be supportive of Britney from a distance. They dated so long ago, but he still has respect for her. Justin and Jessica just want everyone to grow and evolve instead of continuing to bring up the past,” the source said. The situation and Timberlake’s reaction have many social media users and Spears connoisseurs alike resurfacing many of the former’s controversial statements on his relationship with Spears.

Among the things Timberlake said about Spears were claims that he took her virginity, accusing her of being “sloppy” when drunk while accepting a BRIT Award, and allegedly writing a song titled “Horrible Woman” about her.


The couple first met as children in the 1990s on “The Mickey Mouse Club,” alongside fellow stars Ryan Gosling and Kerri Russell. Their childhood friendship turned into a romantic relationship when they were young adults, with the media and fans regarding them as one of the most popular couples in pop music. However, following the end of their relationship, Timberlake insinuated in an interview with Barbara Walters that Spears had cheated on him, shifting the public eye to view her negatively.

The singer was later placed under a restrictive conservatorship by her parents following a manic episode that led to her bipolar disorder diagnosis shortly after. Spears alleged that she was forced to perform, maintain an IUD as a form of birth control, and had restricted access to her two sons, who she shares with ex husband Kevin Federline.

The conservatorship prevented the singer from speaking out on the number of misconstrued stories about her circulating in the entertainment industry. Spears sets the record straight in “The Woman In Me” on Oct. 24.

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