Britney Spears Trends After People Debate Her Controversial Instagram Photos

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John Shearer/Getty Images

Recently on Instagram, singer Britney Spears posted several nude photos, sparking a bit of a controversy. Spears, who was recently freed from her 16-year-long conservatorship, covered herself in the photos, but many still criticized her for not wearing anything in the photos and for posting several of them. Some were worried about her mental health or why she was posting the photos in the first place. “I won’t lie. I’ve been more than a bit worried about what I’m seeing from her. She’s a mother, and mom to be. She doesn’t need to be showing all that” one person on Twitter said.” Another person noted that “This is not normal adult behavior.”

Others, however, find the fact that people are concerned about the singer a bigger issue. Celebrities posting nude photos of themselves is nothing new, as Kim Kardashian has done so, and nude magazine covers are incredibly common. Many found it odd that Spears would be different, and that assuming the conservatorship was helpful and not oppressive is insulting. “I swear people forget that Britney was in a prison of her father’s design for the past 13 years,” a Twitter user wrote.

Spears has also opened up about the fact that in her conservatorship and early in her career, she felt like she was not good enough or not pretty enough. So, many thought that it was a good sign for Spears’ mental health that she feels comfortable posting photos of herself. Twitter users wrote about how once Spears’ conservatorship ended, the internet often acted like a branch of conservatorship as they try to control what Spears does online.


Many found it to be hypocritical that people encourage some women to do what they’d like and post online but do not feel the same way about Spears. After she was freed from her conservatorship, many were vocal about this concern and how viewers should not judge Spears just because they do not like what she posts.

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