Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Announces Divorce

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his divorce from wife Sophie Grégoire today. The couple appeared to issue a joint statement via the Prime Minister’s social media accounts. Trudeau has served as Prime Minister since 2015, and married his wife in 2005. The pair first met as children in Montreal, Canada, when Trudeau was friends with Grégoire’s brother at school. They later reunited in 2003 at a charity event she hosted during her career as a television news reporter and advertising executive.


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Trudeau did not cite a direct reason for the divorce. Canadians and Americans alike were surprised at the news of the separation.

Social Media Reactions

Many social media users took note of how the Trudeaus’ divorce comes amid a slew of divorce and separation announcements in the entertainment world in recent weeks.

Others cracked jokes about a theory on the divorce. Pop star Ariana Grande announced a divorce from her husband of two years, Dalton Gomez. Amid the divorce, Grande is reportedly in a relationship with “Wicked” costar Ethan Slater, who allegedly filed to divorce his wife to be with Grande. The scandal has fans of the singer and pop culture followers alike revisiting several of Grande’s previous relationships, in which she allegedly broke up several high profile couples.


The Trudeau Tales

The news of the divorce has some of the Prime Minister’s critics resurfacing several of his most notable controversies, and conspiracies surrounding his family. Trudeau notoriously wore black face to a party he attended as a young high school teacher.

Elsewhere, some continued the spread of the conspiracy theory surrounding Trudeau’s parentage. His father, Pierre Trudeau, preceded him as Canada’s prime minister. Trudeau’s mother, Margaret Trudeau, confessed to having several affairs during her marriage to his father, which ended in 1984. She alleged affairs with numerous American politicians and celebrities, including Ted Kennedy, Mick Jagger, Jack Nicholson, and more. Prior to her marriage to Trudeau’s father, the couple allegedly met in a then Castro-controlled Cuba.

Photos continue to circulate comparing Trudeau’s facial features and the late Castro’s facial features, alleging that Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau’s biological father.


Among the conspiracy are several other allegations, including a sexual harassment claim from the PM’s private school teaching days.

Elsewhere, American conservative media personalities continue to falsely claim that the Prime Minister is gay due to his support for marriage equality. Trudeau has never claimed he is gay.

Others continue to find humor in the uncanny timing of the divorce.

Grégoire is yet to issue a separate comment regarding the divorce. Custody arrangements for the couple’s children are to be announced. Trudeau will remain Prime Minister of Canada until the 2025 Canadian national election.

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