Celebrity Stylist Law Roach Mysteriously Announces Sudden Retirement

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Celebrity stylist Law Roach abruptly announced his retirement from fashion and styling today. In an Instagram post, he implied that his choice to leave the industry was rooted in the politics of fashion and the several ongoing feuds between luxury fashion designers. The post was met with mixed reactions.

Image Credit: @luxurylaw via Instagram


While some fashion industry professionals and pop culture critics entreated Roach to think twice about his decision, others were quick to understand the importance of mental health time when working in such a highly competitive industry. Fellow designer Cristian Siriano commented “absolutely not,” while supermodel Naomi Campbell wrote “Law I won’t let you !!!! We don’t quit .. strived to hard.” 

Roach is known for his work styling several celebrity clients for major red carpets, from the Grammys to the Oscars and many others in between. The 44-year-old was also a judge on HBO Max’s Legendary, a Ballroom Voguing competition.  Notably, Roach’s work was taken to new heights when he began styling actress Zendaya. Today, fans of Roach’s work and his clients are questioning the event that led to his decision, and asking him to continue working with his clients.

Many feel that red carpets have had an extra dose of creativity with Roach’s styling for the stars. His ability to blend classic elements with more daring artistic choices has earned him praise from the fashion community and viewers alike. Roach notably also took on singer Celine Dion as a client in 2019, and fans argue that he completely elevated her style. His diverse age range of clients shows his versatility. His creativity has infamously dominated the Met Gala, which requires guests to dress on theme each year.

Others speculate that Roach’s departure could have something to do with Zendaya’s upcoming rumored partnership with major fashion house Louis Vuitton. She made a surprise appearance at a Louis Vuitton runway show recently, where acclaimed musician and producer Pharrell Williams was also present. Williams recently took over as the men’s fashion creative director.Roach reportedly sat behind Zendaya instead of next to her, and some fans have theorized that Roach might have taken this as a betrayal.


Some feel that Roach may actually just need a break from his intense schedule. After a busy awards season, he may just need some time for self care, and not necessarily a permanent retirement. Given his wide range of clients, some Twitter users assume that this is the case.

One Twitter user resurfaced a clip of Law Roach discussing his relationship with the high fashion world. He expressed that he aims to maintain his own career with no strings attached, given his self-made approach to the industry.


The clip is what has led many to suspect that a fashion feud is at play, and is responsible for his retirement. This theory led some fans of Roach’s work to place blame on other stylists and publicists for his retirement, which others disagreed with.

Law Roach later clarified that Zendaya was not the cause of his choice to retire, and that he plans to continue styling her.

Several of Roach’s other celebrity clients are yet to comment on his retirement, including Celine Dion.

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