Did We Expect TikToker Charli D’Amelio To Release Music?

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Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Fanatics

TikTok mega star Charli’ D’Amelio has dropped her debut single titled “If You Ask Me To”. The song was released on October 26th and teased in a trailer of her new show on Hulu.

D’Amelio, who has dominated TikTok over the past few years with over 148 million followers, has been known for her dancing and fun videos online. With a lot of backlash for her popularity, some thought that the now singer did not have any talent. Others argued she was a notable dancer and really did have a skillset other than growing a following online. Others wondered, what is she going to get into next?

In the season two trailer of the Hulu reality show that follows her family titled “The D’Amelio Show,” Charli teases how she has an interest for music. This comes shortly after her sister Dixie also started her music career in 2020.

A lot of TikTok talent are known for jumping into different career verticals, but no one expected Charli to launch into music. Even Charli herself states in the trailer that she loved performing but seems a bit nervous “to tell Dixie about music” because it was “kind of her thing.”

D’Amelio has stated that this was one of the first songs she did ever write and recorded and it became one of her favorites.


Just within a short time, the video is at roughly one million views within 24 hours. The TikTok shared on the D’Amelio account showed that the song received seven million views alone.

The track was the first single recorded under her family-owned label DAM FAM records which the family launched in 2020 when Dixie also released music.

Many fans online came to like the song and found that this was something they could see Charli growing in.



Some called this track way too similar to songs like “drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo.

A lot of people have not been surprised when they see digital talent jumping into music. Within the last few years we saw talent like Addison Rae release “Obsessed” with mixed reviews. Even Nikita Dragun has been rumored to come out with music as well.

With all of these influencers jumping into this career route, others musicians have found it extremely frustrating that their first singles or tracks alone haven’t gotten nearly as much viral success as someone who posts TikTok videos online.

We are anxiously awaiting what will come next for Charli and stay tuned for more singles leading up to her debut album.

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