Charlie Kirk Calls Simone Biles “Weak” and it Backfires.

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Charlie Kirk, a conservative radio show host, recently called Simone Biles “weak” on his talk show. Biles recently pulled herself out of the 2021 Olympics for a mental health issue, an incredibly hard decision that she believes was the best for not only her but for her team as well. Since then, she has received tremendous support online, applauding her for putting her mental health first.

Charlie Kirk, however, is not as supportive as everyone else online, not that anybody expected him to be. He calls her a “selfish sociopath” and a “shame to the country.” Not only this, but he goes as far to say that we are “raising a generation of weak people like Simone Biles.” He also notes that if she “has all these mental health problems, don’t show up.”


How the Internet responded

Kirk is not the most well liked person on the internet, as he has a past of spreading information about the previous election or COVID-19. So, it is easy to say that many people were unhappy with his comments and were ready to talk about Kirk’s accomplishments versus Biles’ accomplishments. Many were the quick to point out how Biles has not only several gold medals but also four moves named after her, while Kirk has done nothing nearly as impressive. One person writes that Biles is stronger, both physically and mentally, than Kirk could ever be.

Though Kirk’s comments were tough, it is important to remember the main issue at hand. Just as Kirk is, we are outsiders watching Biles and other’s compete. As non Olympians, we do not have the ability to understand the difficulty of competing. And, Biles has even more pressure than another Olympian as she has a standard or reputation to uphold that viewers have put on her to do well and win several gold medals. With this together, it is easy to understand why Biles made the choice she made. Kirk’s comments towards Biles extend further than his ignorance to what it means to be an Olympian, but also to how eager some can be for someone to forfeit their mental health or other physical needs in order to win something.








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