Chris Brown Responds to Chloe Bailey Collaboration Backlash

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Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

After Chloe Bailey was met with backlash on social media following her announcement of a collaboration with Chris Brown, Brown has spoken up on the matter. Bailey’s song from her debut solo album, “How Does It Feel”, drops on February 24, with an accompanying music video featuring Brown.

Chris Brown remains a controversial figure in the music industry, and specifically in the R&B world. Brown plead guilty to domestic abuse charges against ex-girlfriend Rihanna for an incident in 2009. While Brown stated that he since apologized to Rihanna privately for the incident and frequently expresses regret, there are several other allegations and comments that keep turning heads.

In a statement posted to his Instagram story, Brown essentially told people to move on from his past, and compared his previously abusive relationship to that of Chrisean Rock and Blueface, who currently appear in their reality show Crazy in Love.

Some pointed out the invalidity of Brown’s argument, as both his own cases and Blueface’s have caused public concern. Additionally, Brown was older than 17 at the time of the Rihanna incident, unlike what he has claimed.


Brown then went on to post photos of white celebrities who have also been involved in domestic abuse cases or have allegations against them. Most of them continue to maintain successful careers in entertainment. Despite the widespread internet backlash, Brown remains a successful artist as well. Brown alleges that there is a racial bias involved in the negative publicity that has shrouded his career.

In wake of the Me Too and Time’s Up movements that seek justice for survivors of sexual abuse and assault, pop culture has begun taking a close look at celebrities with a history of problematic behavior. Because of this, some pointed out that the celebrities Brown mentioned on his story were all already receiving similar treatment online.

Critics of Brown were also quick to reference his several other incidents of abuse that happened in recent years. Last year, Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran was granted a five-year restraining order against him after he threatened to kill her. While Brown has apologized to Rihanna, it appears that his continued cycle of abuse is what continues to ignite controversy.


Despite the backlash, Brown still received plenty of support from his fans, who think that the industry needs to move on from his past allegations. Some feel that the current sociopolitical climate allows for little space for men to grow and move past allegations like Brown’s.

R&B fans continued to point out other male artists that Bailey could have chosen to collaborate with instead of Brown, whose controversies are now shedding a negative light on her debut solo album.

All the meanwhile, Chloe Bailey continues to receive backlash over her collaboration with Brown, with many citing his misogynoir. Bailey has yet to issue a statement regarding the collaboration and the controversy it has caused.

In wake of Brown’s posts on his Instagram story, some are also now shining a light on Emma Roberts’ previous domestic abuse allegations against ex boyfriend actor Evan Peters. Peters chose not to press charges and the situation was handled privately, with Roberts receiving few consequences over it.

The situation with Brown has led many to reevaluate how the public has treated previous domestic abuse and violence cases, and also his own–which just might be the opposite of what he wanted to accomplish.

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