Chris Pratt Called Out After Weird Instagram Post for His Wife

This post left a bad taste in my mouth.
By Savannah Moss
Chris Pratt | Instagram

Chris Pratt, known for his work inΒ Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World is someone that you either really like or really do not like. Pratt, who was caught in a controversy after being called out for attending a homophobic church or now being cast as Mario in the upcoming film Super Mario, which became an instant meme on Twitter, is recently being called out for his strange Instagram post dedicated to his wife.

At first glance, the post looks very sweet and innocent. The photo shows a very happy Chris Pratt and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, followed by a paragraph with hearts at the end. However, reading the paragraph is a different story. The post is odd, though supposedly a post dedicated to his wife Katherine, teases her or nitpicks her. For example, he writes “Sbe chews so loudly that sometimes I put in my earbuds to drown it out, but that’s love!” There are also other weird tidbits that he puts in there, saying that “her heart is pure and it belongs to me” but nothing about his heart belonging to hers. He also makes a joke about not getting anything for her birthday but instead this post would suffice.

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However, despite how offputting the post is about his wife, many are calling out a much deeper issue within the post. Pratt notes that his wife has given him a “healthy daughter.” Though this does not seem weird without context, the reality is that Pratt has a son with his former wife Anna Faris, who is extremely open about their son’s health issues. Many find it weird that Pratt would note the healthiness of his daughter in the post, and some think it comes off as offensive to both Faris and their son Jack.

Chris Pratt’s Response

According to his Instagram story, his response to the backlash was that he “went to bed really upset and depressed.” He talks about his coping mechanisms, which was listening to music and running outside, which he then told people to do if they were every feeling particularly down. However, he does not apologize or address any of the backlash.

Though Anna Faris has not made a statement regarding the controversy, she was trending on Twitter with love and support for her and her son Jack. Many have tried to defend Pratt, such as his mother-in-law Maria Shiver, who shared her support in his comments, saying that he is a great father to both Jack and Lyla.

Image: Maria Shiver | Instagram

All in all, many were uncomfortable with the post for the weird vibes it gave off towards Katherine, as it seemed to bring her down as much as it brought her up. Even worse, it seemed to have a slight dig to his ex wife, which made people even more uncomfortable. And, even if Pratt did not mean it like that or was not intentional, it does drag the question of why Pratt would not understand the implications behind his words.