Crayola Launches Search to Uncover Artist Behind Stunning Nicole Kidman Portrait

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Crayola, renowned for its vibrant crayons, is on a quest to reconnect a talented artist named Rachel behind a striking portrait of Nicole Kidman, crafted by the fifth-grade student 24 years ago.

In a colorful Instagram post shared on June 7, the iconic art supplies brand unveiled a captivating artwork showcasing the “Big Little Lies” star. The brand expressed its desire to locate the elusive artist responsible for the masterpiece.

“Does anyone know a Rachel from Temple?” Crayola inquired in its post. “We want to return the 2000s art she made at Kennedy Powell Elementary!”


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The artwork, which exudes elements of pop art and mosaic styles, captures Kidman’s likeness with remarkable flair.

“If you made this or know who made this, tag them in the comments or head to the link in bio to claim!” the post urged.

According to Crayola’s announcement, the artwork was crafted in 2000 by a fifth-grade student from Temple, Texas, situated approximately 65 miles north of Austin. Currently showcased on the Crayola website’s Campaign for Creativity, the artwork features a poignant caption from the artist: “My dream is to be successful in many areas. I love art, but I also like music and acting. Nicole Kidman is talented in many areas.”


Commenters marveled at the skill displayed by a fifth-grader, expressing admiration and curiosity about the artist’s current endeavors.

“I want to find them too and see if they are still doing art because this is so good, especially for someone in elementary school!” remarked one user.

“This is amazing!” exclaimed another, tagging the actor in the post.

The Kidman portrait is just one of thousands of childhood creations featured in Crayola’s inaugural Campaign for Creativity. For four decades, the brand has been collecting children’s artwork, showcasing them in museums and galleries nationwide, celebrating creativity across generations.

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