Criteria to Select a Professional Essay Writing Service

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Let’s face it, writing academic texts is not the most difficult task that many of us face in life, even at the high school and college level. But this is a task that one must learn to cope with in time, at a certain level of quality and taking into account a huge number of conditions regarding editing, citations, resources that can and cannot be used, and so on. If it was just about writing a paper or expressing your thoughts on some topic, everything would be much simpler. But this number of additional conditions makes writing an essay a difficult task, especially considering how many of these papers a student needs to write during high school and college. 

Why You May Need to Select an Expert Writing Service

Life happens – there are seasonal colds, social obligations, meetings with friends and some bureaucratic tasks, family issues and just times when we want nothing more than to lie down and watch streaming channels or eat pizza and read a book. But this does not change the academic process in any way. We still need to submit essays before deadlines, and in order not to slow down our education progress, it makes sense to turn to academic services. Naturally, where there is demand, there will always be a supply. This means there are many services offering their essay writing services. We will help you figure out exactly how to choose a service that will help you cope with your current task.

If you don’t have time to read the whole thing about the criteria to select a professional essay writing service, but still need some good advice, we can give it. Address a reliable writing company, such as essay writing service SmartWritingService and entrust them with your task. It has been over 10 years in the market, works with US, UK, Canada students predominantly, and hires only experienced writers with bulletproof credentials.

Why is it Difficult to Choose a Professional Writing Service?

As we have already said, where there is great demand, there is great supply. And where there is a large offer, there is not only high competition, but also numerous medium-sized mediocre companies, as well as simply scammers who use the trust of students. And also because students do not have much time to deal with the quality of service, but need just quickly get their work written. Even if you cut off outright scammers, there are quite a lot of services, among which it is difficult to make the right choice. Why? They provide the same services at similar prices to the same category of students. Does this mean that there is no difference at all which service to choose if everything’s the same? But unfortunately this is not the case. If only you could decide on the first service you came across on Google and use it to write an academic paper, but unfortunately, this is impossible. Just because even services of the same quality level have their own specialization, which they rarely talk about. And there are some features that can distinguish them from competitors, both fundamentally for the better and fundamentally for the worse. But these are not obvious features. 

Top Criteria for Choosing an Expert Writing Service

Of course, there are a huge number of criteria to select a professional essay writing service, but we will talk about those that we consider the most important, and those that you can check without spending too much time and energy. Because we know that your goal is to save time, not just do other academic research.

TrustPilot Score

TrustPilot is one of the most reliable ratings available for these and similar services. There are other ratings. You can also google them and look at them. If the service is not even on one of these rating sites, then don’t even think about contacting them. It may be of quite high quality, but it is simply very new, and its processes have not yet been worked out. Be logical in evaluating the Trustpilot score, because it cannot be 10 out of 10. There is always a percentage of dissatisfied people, regardless of how well the service works. Secondly, there are failures in the operation of any service, and if the service promises that it has a 100% positive rating from users, this is not true. The norm is somewhere from 7.8 – 9.2. This is a high enough rating to be taken seriously. Also remember that people who are satisfied with the service are much less likely to leave ratings than those who are dissatisfied with the service.

Years in the Market

The number of years on the market is quite easy to check. Enter the website address into a website history analyzer and see when it first launched. Of course, there are sites that have changed or been moved, but very often in this way it is possible to check when the company actually began to actively work. A quick Google search will also help you confirm this information. It’s normal if a company tells you that it has been in business for 12 years, but you see that the site is 10 years old. But if you see that it has been on the market for 10 years, but the website is only a year old, then most likely there is something wrong here.


Visible Terms and Conditions

It is not necessary that a full-fledged contract be posted somewhere on the website so that you can immediately familiarize yourself with all the nuances. But in some form, terms and conditions must be presented so that you can see what obligations the company undertakes before you pay for the order.

How to Make Your Experience with a Writing Company Better

Most importantly, you must understand what result you want to get, and prepare the maximum amount for your order. This could be some additional scans, documents, perhaps a list of resources that you would like the company’s writer to refer to. Remember that the company does not have access to many libraries that you have access to as a student. Therefore, if you have scans of statistical data, graphs that they can then use in references, you will contribute to getting quality work.

We hope that this article will help you choose the highest quality professional writing service that will deal with your papers on time and expected quality level.

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