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Domestic property design around the world is currently going through drastic changes. This is chiefly because we are working hard to adapt to the unprecedented events of recent years in the way we use our living spaces.

So, what are these transformative new trends and what benefits do they offer our day-to-day life and work? Here’s a rundown of some of the top residential property design trends that are currently springing up – many of which are likely to last.


We’ve been dabbling with the open plan concept for years, but now may be the time for it to truly take hold. With recent restrictions forcing households to remain in one property together for long periods of time, society is beginning to recognize a need for better spaces in which to interact. In large open plan rooms, individuals and groups can pursue activities together or separately, without ever feeling cut off from other members of their family or their housemates. What’s more, the act of entertaining guests at home is currently experiencing a – somewhat inevitable – return to popularity. Open-plan rooms offer plenty of circulation space and a range of seating options, making them ideal for use by larger groups of visitors.

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Flexible Space

Our homes are now employed for a number of uses, yet the amount of space we are able to access remains pretty much the same. Work, leisure, and socializing have each become far more home-based than in previous years – so property owners are looking at ways to achieve everything in one. Spaces with multiple power outlets and charging sources are exceptionally popular, as are rooms that can double as entertainment or hobby spaces, offices, spare bedrooms, workout spaces, and more besides. Clever multifunctional furnishings and intelligent storage design (which we’ll explore further shortly) are both integral elements within a highly flexible space. You can  contact an aluminum patio covers company in Phoenix to have a patio cover installed in your outdoor living space for shade and protection.

Room for Fun

Over the last couple of years, many households have experienced the frustration of being stuck at home with nowhere to go and nothing to do. This has given rise to a new-found preference for entertainment and recreation spaces within domestic properties: gym spaces, home cinemas, workshops, art studios, and music rooms are more and more in demand, as are spaces that support a combination of pastimes.

Rooms dedicated to relaxation are also growing in popularity.

Homes with outdoor space are more in demand than ever due to an increased need for a sense of freedom, and many people have transformed their yards or gardens with al fresco “bars”, seating areas and even full outdoor kitchens.


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As properties become smaller and more costly, more and more people are living in multi-generational households or sharing their homes with adult friends.

As a result, there is greater demand for multiple master bedrooms in a single property, as well as features to suit individuals of all ages. Adjacent “granny flats” are returning as a popular feature of many homes.

There is a need for greater accessibility for older and very young residents, as well as space for pastimes and activities that the whole family can enjoy, making these modern shared homes highly featured and flexible.

Plenty of Storage

This level of required flexibility, as well as the quest for more space, has given rise to a huge trend for clever storage – majorly in demand when people are looking to sell up.

Adaptable, fitted, hidden and multi-compartmental storage are all highly coveted features in the contemporary home, as are fold-away or multi-purpose furnishings. All of these elements can work together to allow us to make the very most out of every room.

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With homeowners constantly pursuing greater adaptability and more space, these two factors seem likely to dominate home design trends for many years to come.


Of course, there is also the growing need for sustainable or “green” design to help everyday people to reduce their carbon footprint and live in a more ethical manner. Watch this space to see how these house design trends grow throughout the near future.

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