Defense Attorney on TikTok Begs Viewers to Stop Admitting their Crimes to Him

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Image: @Loloverruled | TikTok

TikTok user Alex Peter, @loloverruled, is a popular public defender on TikTok, with over 23 million likes combined and 586 thousand followers. He first got his fame through reacting to humorous videos on TikTok and eventually formulating his own funny content. However, his content also focuses on comedy but also legal rights and shows followers an inside look at the criminal justice system, as he is a lawyer.


It’s bad day. Please have more compassion for your fellow human beings

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However, after giving audiences a slight look into legal advice and informing people of their rights or what bail intends to do, people took this as an invitation to spill their secrets and tell him their crimes. In one video, he says “A lot of you are saying I am your defense attorney. I am not your defense attorney.”


???? stop ✋

♬ original sound – Alex Peter (Lolo)

This is a reference to many comments that joke that he is “our lawyer” as in he exists as “TikTok’s lawyer.” While some people comment things that are obvious jokes, like asking if stealing a duck from a pond is a crime, he notes that people will respond to his videos and verbally admit to a crime they committed, and he begs them to stop. He says “I know it’s funny, but I am scared you guys are going to get me in trouble.”


Reply to @trojanbrandcondoms not the brands too…

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Even brands have jumped on the bandwagon, with Trojan claiming Peter as their defense attorney. In response to Daily Dot, he notes that “But as always I would reiterate: I am NOT your attorney and I also think it’s generally a bad idea to post that kind of stuff online, even in jest. I hope they stop doing it!” Though some comments are clearly for joking purposes, he still reiterates that it is not a good idea to admit to a crime, seriously or not, as this is for public viewing. Hopefully, people will stop admitting crimes to Peter, as it would be a shame to lose his brilliant content on TikTok.


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