Demi Lovato “Got Tired” Of Using They/Them Pronouns Due To Constantly Explaining Identity

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Singer-actress Demi Lovato is clarifying their pronoun usage. Lovato told GQ Hype Spain that she “got tired” of constantly explaining her gender identity to people. She elaborated on her experiences, saying “I constantly had to educate people and explain why I identified with those pronouns. It was absolutely exhausting.” The singer clarified that the lack of awareness surrounding nonbinary people is what inspires her to continue speaking on the importance of pronoun usage and the nonbinary experience.

Lovato first came out as nonbinary in 2021, on an episode of the ‘4D with Demi Lovato’ podcast, opting to use gender-neutral language and they/them pronouns. About a year later in 2022, Lovato announced that she would use “she/her” and “they/them” pronouns going forward, stating that she was “feeling more feminine.” The singer elaborated about feeling conditioned to identify as female.

“I face this every day. For example, in public toilets. Having to access the women’s bathroom, even though I don’t completely identify with it,” said Lovato. “Or it also happens when filling out forms, such as government documents or any other where you have to specify your gender. You only have two options, male and female, and I feel like none of that makes sense to me.”

The multi-hyphenate previously came out as pansexual in 2020 following the death of her friend and former “Glee” costar actress Naya Rivera. Rivera portrayed one of the first Latina gay characters on a major network television show, and Lovato expressed that she saw her role as a celebration of her own identity.

Now, the internet is sharing mixed reactions to the former Disney star’s comments.

Internet Reactions

Fans of the singer and onlookers alike had a lot to say regarding Lovato’s most recent pronouns change. Some feel that Lovato’s statement was insensitive, and that many transgender and nonbinary people do not have the same option. Others felt that the switch would promote several harmful stereotypes about the community.


Elsewhere, fans and LGBTQ+ people defended Lovato’s choice. Many argued that some nonbinary people continue to utilize gendered pronouns in the workplace for either safety reasons or for a lack of understanding among coworkers.

The singer has long faced criticism over her personal life and struggles with addiction and mental health issues. Some felt that the coverage of the GQ interview was misleading and could lead to further antagonizing of the star, who continues to identify as nonbinary.

Lovato has not commented further on the public reaction to the GQ interview.


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