Disney Adults Trend Online After Controversial Reddit Post Goes Viral

Disney adults are truly wild.
By Savannah Moss
Image: Steven Lozano | Unsplash

Disney adults trend on Twitter after a controversial Reddit post went viral and was reposted to the Twitter app. In case you’re unaware, the term “Disney Adults” refers to adults who have an intense passion or love for Disney films or the theme park more than the average human. In a recent Reddit post circulating the internet, someone wonders if they are in the wrong for opting to have Mickey and Minnie Mouse at their wedding instead of using the money to cater food, as it was too expensive to have both.

Although the original poster noted that there was food available near the venue and vending machines throughout, many agreed that their decision was probably not the best, causing some people to make jokes about Disney adults. Although some say you shouldn’t make fun of those who enjoy Disney, as it is a harmless interest that someone should not be shamed for. But, many agreed that this went a tad bit too far. “Imagine thinking having cartoon characters appear at your wedding is more important than feeding your guests. Tacky does not describe it,” one person Tweeted.

One person, however, decided to create a thread in trying to convince people to leave Disney enthusiasts alone, claiming Disney’s “power in people’s lives, then Disney is as much a religion as anything. It is at the very least a site of meaning and human fellowship, even you hate it. Dismissing it because it’s “kid stuff” is demeaning to children, who are themselves discerning humans.” Some people, however, were not a fan of this take either.

Although those attending the wedding probably did not have a great time, Disney adults, in general, do not impact others’ lives, which is one of the main reasons why people try to discourage others from making fun of them for doing things that bring them happiness. Still, if you have to decide between the Disney characters or food for guests, it might be best to go for catering.