Dollar Tree is Trending Online After a Manager Refuses To Hire Generation-Z Workers

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Dollar Tree is trending online after a manager was fired for saying they will only hire the baby boomer generation because generation-z “don’t know what work actually is.” Apparently, the Dollar Tree is located in Indiana and faced backlash after a manager wrote a sign discouraging people from hiring generation-z. Although we do not have a full story, the sign indicates that the store had to close due to a lack of cashiers, saying that recent hires walked out after being told their boyfriends could not hang around during their shifts. The sign also says they were hiring, but only for the baby boomer generation.


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According to a local news station, the sign gained attention online, causing controversy before the sign could be removed. The manager responsible also does not work there anymore, according to Dollar Tree, who commented that “We are aware that an unauthorized sign was posted at our store for a brief period of time. The handwritten message was absolutely not approved by or condoned by our company.”

And although the manager was terminated, the sign brought out a lot of feelings from many online, who happen to be from the generation they were referencing. Posted to both Twitter and TikTok, many responded and noted that the sign was untrue. “All positions at Dollar Tree are high turnover positions. No one is staying there long-term.” Many pointed out that many Dollar Trees do not pay their employees living wages, and that the generation-z is not lazy, but does not want to be treated badly at their job. “And they’re not lazy …they don’t want to be exploited and they’re trying to exploit people on fixed incomes. Shame on them” wrote one person on TikTok.



Overall, the sign was not received well, and many were glad that the manager no longer works there, as many agreed that this was age discrimination. Many also pointed out that there are lazy people in every generation, as opposed to just one being lazier than the other.

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