“Don’t Look Up” Trends As People Compare Film Scene to Real Life

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Image: @Dontlookup | Twitter

When Don’t Look Up first debuted on Netflix, some criticized the satirical movie for being over the top. The film follows two astronomists as they try to convince the world of a dangerous comet set to destroy the earth with only six months to save them. The scientists desperately try to warn people who do not take them seriously, even though they can see the comet with their eyes towards the end of the movie. In the end, people meet their fate and the world is destroyed despite countless attempts to convince people. It acts as an obvious allegory for climate change and its dangers, but some thought the movie was too obvious for it to be taken seriously as satire.

In one scene, the scientists go on television in an attempt to raise awareness but are told by the TV hosts that they try to keep things light, despite the desperateness of the situation within the film. But, when one person used the clip and compared it to a TV interview in the UK. Currently, the UK, which is not widely prepared for high temperatures, is facing a heat wave reaching 104 degrees. With many people not being equipped with air conditioning, this can be dangerous for many people.

A news station in the UK hosted a meteorologist as he tried to warn people of the dangers of the intense heat, but the newscast wanted to focus on the “nice” weather, ignoring the claims made by the professional. Although he explained the dangers, they did not listen and accused him of being focused on doom, which was incredibly similar to the scene in Don’t Look Up, which many people pointed out.

“A lot of people were very so-so on Don’t Look Up because it wasn’t very subtle and then interviews like this come along and highlight why it didn’t need to be subtle at all,” one person noted about the critiques of the film being too dramatic. Many noted how the scientist was asked to be on the show but the newscasts wanted him to downplay it, similar to the film. “Never wanna hear people say don’t look up was too on the nose when we have news anchors going “we want the weather to be happy :)” after being told thousands could die in the UK due to the lethal temperatures,” another person noted on Twitter.


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