Drummer Suing Fox & Friends Three Years After Axe-Throwing Fail

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A West Point Drummer is suing Fox & Friends. Why? Oh, not much. Just because of that time a host on the show threw an axe at him.

You might remember this clip that made the rounds back in 2015.


In celebration of Flag Day 2015, Fox & Friends co-host Pete Hegseth was attempting an axe toss for some reason, while a few drummers stood right behind the target. A few days after the incident, drummer Jeff Prosperie took to Facebook to talk about what happened. He wrote:

“I am thankful to God that the double sided blade only hit broadside on the outer elbow with significant impact and a couple of cuts as it fell along my wrist. It could have been much worse or fatal. Focusing on full physical and emotional recovery.”

And, he’s right. That could have been much worse. Nevertheless, Prosperie has filed a lawsuit naming Hegseth, Fox & Friends, and parent company News Corp, claiming the defendants acted with “reckless disregard for the safety of others.” It’s unclear what specific injuries Prosperie suffered, though the lawsuit says they’re “severe and serious personal injuries to his mind and body, some of which, upon information and belief, are permanent with permanent effects of pain, disability, disfigurement and loss of body function.”

As you can tell from the clip, Prosperie was caught way off guard by the axe sailing over the target. Soon after the incident, on Facebook, he wrote:

“My leadership told me they were told there would be no axe throwing. I think the anchor person went rogue and decided to throw it. When shooting or throwing, always know what is behind your target. Basic safety rule.”

Now, in fairness, it’s not like the host just found an axe and decided to throw it. This whole celebration was sponsored by Stihl Timbersports, which puts on these lumberjack tournaments with events like axe-throwing and chain-sawing. So I get the impulse to want to, you know, show something cool like that on television, but as previously reported — it’s a freaking axe!


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