Dunkin’ Worker Throws Drink at Lady After She Attacks a Co-Worker in the Drive-Thru

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In a viral video circulating TikTok, a Dunkin worker throws a drink at an angry woman in the drive-thru after she tried to reach through the window to his co-worker. In the comments of the viral video, which has 2 million likes, many agreed with the worker though there is no sound in the video, especially since he stepped in for one of his co-workers. In an updated video, he also confirms he was fired from the fast-food chain.


she thought I was the one!

♬ original sound – Damon Nvm

In a separate video, he answers some questions and gives context to the video, which many were requesting. He says that the entire thing was over jelly, as they are not allowed to put jelly onto things as store policy since it was packaged separately, so he put it to the side. Though they were incredibly busy, the woman held the drive-thru line and complained, and even threw her child’s toy at his coworker.


pt 2

♬ original sound – Damon Nvm

He notes that he pushed his coworker to the side and threw the drink at the woman, which is when the woman blocked the drive-thru for over an hour and the police arrived. He also notes that the woman threatened his life, saying that she would have her husband kill him. When people found out that he lost his job, they reminded him that he did not do anything wrong and was defending himself and his coworker. One person writes that this is needed for some people to have a “major” wake-up call as they will continue to act like this to other service workers.

Image: @Damonvm | TikTok


Overall, many commenters were on Damon’s side, noting that customer service workers should not have to put up with violence or belligerent people and should be able to defend themselves, within reason, without consequences. Others also reached out to offer with money, even suggesting he started a gofundme.


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