Early “Barbie” Movie Reviews Praise Ryan Gosling’s Performance As Ken

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Greta Gerwig‘s much anticipated “Barbie” movie premiered to a select audience in Los Angeles, California on Sunday. As celebrities and influencers alike donned their best glitter and glam on the pink carpet, one early review is standing out–Ryan Gosling‘s performance as Ken. Initially, some longtime “Barbie” fans were apprehensive about the actor’s ability to bring the right “kenergy” to the character, but critics are now saying otherwise.

Gosling reportedly put in the work to get into character. The actor continues to speak on how the role is helping him heal his inner child. A viral video of Gosling dancing and singing at a recital as a child reportedly inspired his ballad performance as Ken in “Barbie.”


Fans of the actor are hoping that the early praise for his performance in the film will launch him back into more comedic roles. Gosling previously starred “Nice Guys,” “Crazy Stupid Love” and other comedies throughout the 2010s.


Margot Robbie, who stars as the titular Barbie, praised the actor for his ability to step up to the plate and offer unique commentary on toxic masculinity through his portrayal of Ken.

Others have recognized the recent uptick in male actors committing to method acting for difficult roles. Gosling essentially utilized the tool to get into the role of Ken, but in a more positive way than some of the allegedly abusive behaviors of other actors. Most recently Jonathan Majors, who currently stands charged with domestic assault, spoke on the impacts of method acting.

The “Barbie” Buzz

Mattel’s first Barbie doll was released in 1959. A Ken doll meant to be Barbie’s boyfriend was released several years later. Throughout the following decades, several iterations of the doll working in different professions were created, and several affiliated animated movies were released. Many Gen Z and millennial women grew up watching the “Barbie” film franchise, and were both excited and apprehensive for a live-action version of the Barbie cinematic universe. Now, fans continue to post their outfit ideas for Barbie screenings across the country.



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In true Ken fashion, Gosling wore a pink suit to the film’s premiere, complete with a pink initial chain with the letter “E” in honor of his wife and fellow actress Eva Mendes. Fans were touched by the simple yet sincere gesture. Mendes made the choice to step away from acting several years ago.

“Barbie” premieres on the same day as Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” on July 21.

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