Eden the Doll FATSHAMES Jaclyn Hill’s Weight in Recent Video

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Jaclyn Hill recently posted a video on her social media where she opened up about how 2019 was one of the hardest years for her with weight gain and a few failed endeavors, and one YouTuber went online to make fun of her for that weight gain!

Jacyln too opened up in a video titled “get ready with me + opening up “ which now has more than 1.7 million views on her channel. She talked about things including her makeup launch that did have some hairs in the lipstick tubes and even about herself gaining weight in the past few months.

In the debrief on her channel she actually went on to explain that she actually gained about thirty pounds of weight in the past year. She explained that every time she posts something online where it is a video or even a photo, all everyone keeps talking about is her weight gain.

Jaclyn even noted that she gained weight due to a lot of drinking. She said she never even liked to drink in the first place. Now she isn’t the only online star we talked about with this problem. We recently covered a story on how Trevor Moran recently dealt with some of his problems with drinking and even went to rehab because of it.

Aside from that, a lot of people came to her defense online and was so gracious to see her talk about why she struggled and admitted that everything wasn’t always great. Some like Gigi Gorgeous commented “wow love you” and others said things like “your ability to get back up and keep pursuing your dreams is a level of bravery to be admired”

But not everyone had some nice things to say about the beauty guru. In a now it looks like deleted comment, YouTuber eden the doll commented with this.


The comment reads, bloated boots with a beer emoji, and some fans thought this was really a dig on Jaclyn. Jaclyn saw the comment that didn’t sit well with her and said on twitter “these types of comments make ANYONE feel like they can’t post a picture if they are not PERFECT I’m so over it and won’t tolerate it anymore. There is a difference between freedom of speech and and verbal abuse. Me and my subscribers will make a change in 2020!

Now after a lot of fan backlash on Twitter Eden the Doll took to her instagram stories and wrote an apology, but some fans weren’t buying it at all.

It read, “I literally Love Jacyln Hill and meant no disrespect by my comment! I was just repeating the caption.. I thought it was funny because I could totally relate. I would have never commented if I thought people (or Jacyln ) would have taken it seriously. I apologize to her and anyone who took it the wrong way.”

One person on twitter even said: Dude, I like Eden the doll, but this is NOT it. Jaclyn clearly states in her video that she’s been bloated because of using alcohol as a coping mechanism/self medication. And even if she didn’t what a shitty thing to say about not only a fellow woman, but a fellow creator.

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