Elon Musk Sleeps At Twitter HQ And Claims Company Breaks Even In Conversation With BBC

By Andy Lalwani
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Imagine sleeping at Twitter HQ

Elon Musk just gave an update to the BBC saying that Twitter is roughly breaking even these days even with a mass layoff for the platform.

The mogul went through as massive layoff of nearly 6,000 people since starting as CEO. The media platform only has roughly 1,500 employees since Musk took over. 

The world’s second richest man sat down with James Clayton from the BBC for the very last minute interview late Tuesday night. The tech mogul details some of the big changes Twitter has undergone in the last six months under his leadership. 

Behind The Purchase from Musk and Mass Twitter Layoff

In the past, Musk has come under fire for the mass layoffs and essentially making the Twitter value drop tremendously. 

During the nearly hour long conversation, Musk pointed out a few things. In the initial sale for Twitter, the tech company owner stated that he only went through with the sale because a judge was about to force him to make the purchase. And he even confirmed Twitter will add new labels to accounts on the platform. 

Elon Musk talks about his experience of running Twitter even with a mass layoff for the platform in an interview with the BBC | What's Trending
Elon Musk talks about his experience of running Twitter Photo: BBC

New Label Changes To Twitter

Elon’s changes to labeling organizations has been met with some backlash like with NPR who is now being falsely labeled as ‘state-affiliated media’

NPR is one organization vowing it will no longer post fresh content to its nearly 52 Twitter feeds becoming the first major news organization to go silent. After the error, Twitter said it would change the label on the account to “government-funded media.’ However, the news organization says that is inaccurate and misleading since NPR is a private, non for profit company. 

And during a lot of this interview, it seems that Musk was trying to really defend how he was running Twitter. 

Musk stated that the process has been “really quite a stressful situation over the last several months.” He still said the purchase of the company felt like the right thing to do. 

Musk stated that things have also been going “reasonably well,” but also admitted he sometimes sleeps in the office. 

Musk stated that there was a spot in the library “that nobody goes to” at times, and he often calls it a night there. 

So yes, very interesting to hear these statements from the tech mogul. In addition, the Twitter leader also admitted he has shot himself in the foot a few times. 

Behind Twitter’s Performance

When it comes to the controversial Tweets Musk has put out on the platform, Musk acknowledged that he really should “not tweet after 3am.” Musk has been known for putting our controversial polls on Twitter. The polls range from reinstating accounts that have broken Twitter policies to even new features that should be added in Twitter’s user experience.

Musk even admitted that firing the near six thousand people from Twitter’s workforce was also a challenge. 

The exit of many of Twitter’s engineers since Musk bought the company has raised concerns about the stability of the platform. Musk acknowledged glitches and outages on the site at times, but said everything seemed to be working fine. 

When it came to not firing everyone in person, Musk stated: “It’s not possible to talk with that many people face to face.” 

Musk admits that most of the advertisers on the platform have already returned or admit they will be returning at some point.