Emily Mariko Romanticizes Her Life One Meal At a Time on TikTok

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Emily Mariko is the type of girl that has her life together. The 29-year-old food, lifestyle, and fashion vlogger is taking TikTok by storm with her Bay Area home, her grocery hauls, and all-around comforting videos. 


Best lunch of the week!

♬ original sound – Emily Mariko

Mariko’s most viral video with 27.6 Million views is of her making the infamous salmon bowl. She chops up salmon, mixes it with rice, and revolutionized ice cubes by placing one in the middle of her bowl before wrapping and microwaving it so that the food doesn’t get soggy. On top, she places mayo and sriracha before adding avocado and kimchee to this delicious meal.


The Mariko Lifestyle Effect


Some of Mariko’s other videos include her cleaning out her fridge, shopping at the farmers market, and doing simple things like laundry or going for a walk. Overall, the way she carries herself and romanticizes her life is something to be sought after. So much so that some of her lifestyle choices have caused her audience to change how they view their own lives. A new trend has since formed where people “cosplay” as Mariko and try to copy her meals and mannerisms. 


Cosplaying as @Emily Mariko except all I eat are buttered noodles #emilymariko #butterednoodles #ChimeHasYourBack

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In these “remixes” of Mariko’s life, some people have changed her salmon bowls to chicken bowls, or they’ve filmed themselves cleaning out their own refrigerators. No matter the big or small lifestyle changes, one thing remains clear: Mariko has singlehandedly inspired an entire audience to view their lives in a whole new light. 


Getting better! actually felt well enough to cook something today so that’s good. Also channeling some @emilymariko vibes bc she’s a queeeen ❤️????

♬ original sound – Susi

Want More from Emily Mariko?

Despite her popularity on TikTok, Mariko was originally most known for her YouTube videos. On that platform, she has outfits try-on hauls, vlogs, what I eat in a day, workout videos, and more. So if you like the 30-second videos she posts on TikTok, you’ll love her long-form video’s on YouTube. 


Mariko’s aesthetic is similar to the “That Girl” trend, but the difference is that Mariko has a much more comforting presence. While the “That Girl” trend typically makes girls out to be walking Pinterest boards with unattainable goals and achievements for the day, Mariko just shows us her life as it is. She gets joy from making her little meals, and we get joy from watching her. There’s not much else to it other than that, so sit back, enjoy, and try it out for yourself.




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