Eric Trump “Admits” He’s Apart of the LGBT Community in Fox News Segment

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So it seems like Eric Trump just let everyone online and well the whole world that he was apart of the LGBTQ+ community. In a recently aired clip from Fox News that created quite the buzz on the internet, Eric Trump appeared on a segment about the notorious “secret Trump voters.” The panel from September 29th, discussed the now viral column in the New York Times from Brett Stephens where a lesbian woman in her 50s admitted she would vote for President Donald Trump, despite being a registered Democrat. 

The woman identified as Chris doesn’t share her last name fearing judgment of her fellow colleagues. She told Times “being a lesbian who’s voting for Trump is like coming out of the closet again”

Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt asks what basically anyone would in a time like this, and asks Eric Trump “Are you counting on this person? On the secret voter.” to which we receive Eric’s fabulous yet subtle confession of being part of the LGBTQ+ community?

Aside from the thin possibility of him actually coming out on national television it could simply be an odd sentencing resulting in a rather laughable answer. However, the Internet immediately overflowed with reactions over his statement. 

This user attaches a photo to their tweet showcasing the reaction of the LGBT community by saying “The gays after hearing eric trump say that the lgbt community loves his dad”


Another one points to their clip with the captions “Q: Do you accept Eric Trump with open arms into the LGBT community? The Gays:.

Many LGBTQ members however seem to deny Eric’s application to become officially gay.

Erica says, “We, the gay committee, have had an emergency meeting and we have rejected Eric Trump’s application.” 

 This one tags Rupual iconic ‘Sashay. Away. gif with the captions “I know we gays are very inclusive community, but Eric Trump?” 


Another one tweets “We, the gays, reject Eric Trump. Bye

This tweet reads “BREAKING: Eric Trump either: a) just came out as a gay on National TV (good for him). B) is so stupid that he doesn’t realize that he just accidentally suggested he’s gay on National TV (also good for him) 

Linda here says ‘Not sure if Eric Trump just came out or if he thinks LGBT stands for “Looters, Grifters, Burglars, Trumpers.”

And finally this last twitter user tweets “Eric Trump saying he’s “Part of the LGBT” community is like me saying I’m part of the fantasy football community. I might think I know what a “tight end” and a “wider receiver” are, but I would be sorely mistaken.” 

Now we have seen a lot of people on the campaign trail admit to something that was not the truth, but this one takes the cake. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that debunks this claim, but there has been little to no statements made after a news appearance like this one.

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