Exclusive: Meet The Publicist Turned Social Media Star Empowering Women

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Instagram: Taylor Ping

Entrepreneur Taylor Ping, 25, has earned herself over 240,000 followers across social media for helping scale and build female lead brands across the world.

The 25-year-old has worked with international entrepreneurs such as Bryce Cleveland, CEO of Scalpa, ArmanIzadi, CEO of The Graffiti Mansion, and many more.

Ping is most closely associated with the media company “Hierarchy Media,” which she founded in 2019 after she has noticed the need for a female presence in the PR and branding space industry, empowering other women. 

The lady boss herself has since grown Hierarchy Media into 5 divisions, all of which build upon one another, allowing her to work with clients on each end of the spectrum of notability. Her craftmanship has brought clients over 25M viewers in the time span of just a month, with hundreds of millions of social media impressions.

In an interview with What’s Trending, Ping revealed that “It was not easy getting to the stage I’m at, It took me years to get where I am, and many people telling me I would never make it.”

That couldn’t be farther from the truth as Ping’s company is currently valued at 5+ million dollars and 


“My advice to entrepreneurs is to find something they’re actually passionate about. It’s much easier to get back up when you fail if you actually enjoy what you’re doing and learning,” Ping ended with.

In the 25-year-old’s free time she enjoys traveling across the world while simultaneously taking her 244,000 Instagram followers with her, posting posts in countries like Mexico and France.

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