Fans Are Recreating The New “Barbie” Film Posters On Twitter

By Madison E. Goldberg
@Barbiethemovie via Twitter
He's literally just Ken.

Director Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” will feature a star-studded cast, including Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the titular roles of Barbie and Ken. The ensemble was announced today in a new trailer, accompanied by a poster format that depicted each cast member and their job in the Barbie world in which the film is set.

The posters for each cast member’s character show them propped against a colorful background that is labeled with their profession. Additionally, Barbie dolls notoriously come in a wide variety of costumes, while most Ken dolls come the same, thus Gosling’s character poster quite literally reads that “he’s just Ken.” Some feel that the film’s vague plot line will likely tackle a deeper message against its colorful and childlike backdrop.

The format of poster has inspired fans of Gerwig’s films and the actors involved in the project to edit themselves in. After all, it seems that Barbie really can be anything. Some are using the template to post empowering messages, and others are crafting lighthearted memes.

Others are taking to Twitter to share the template being placed over iconic TV show characters, musicians, and politicians.

Elsewhere, some took note of popular television and film storylines that included a female character carrying the show and fulfilling several roles while a mediocre male character continuously receives praise. Notably, a meme about the popular book-to-television adaptation “Daisy Jones & The Six” received thousands of likes.

Others pointed out the absurdity of the memes trending alongside former President Donald Trump’s arraignment in Manhattan, New York today. Social media is commemorating what just might go down as one of the strangest days in pop culture history.

As of now, “Barbie” will allegedly focus on Margot Robbie’s character being evicted from “Barbieland” and forced to fend for herself in the real world. The mysterious film hits theaters on July 21.