Fans Flood Twitter with Reactions to ‘YOU’ Season 3 Trailer

Fans have been waiting two years for season 3 of 'You" to come out and now that their is a release date, their obsession bloomed once again for the murdering couple.
By Najla Alexander
Fans Flood Twitter with Reactions to ‘YOU’ Season 3 Trailer
Photo: Netflix

After two long years of fans waiting and anticipating for season three of the Netflix TV series, ‘YOU’, the trailer finally came!

Warning Spoilers Ahead (if you haven’t seen season two)!!

Season two introduces a character named Love who is a chef in Los Angeles who the audience comes to find out has a hidden dark side of her own. This character is played by actress Victoria Pedretti who is also known for her role in The Haunting of Bly Manor. Love soon becomes the new love interest for Joe who is looking for an escape from his past from the events of New York (killing his ex).

Much anticipated season 3 trailer of YOU dropped. Image: Collider

Murder ensued events follow with Joe trying to be a part of every aspect of Love’s life and do anything in his power to get rid of anyone/anything that thinks would ruin their relationship. Even if it means throwing on his signature blue hat with dark shades and doing what he does best. Being your ultimate stalker without you even knowing it until it is too late.

The season finale leaves fans wondering will Joe finally settle down with his own true match, who also has a taste for blood, and happens to be pregnant? Will he be the father to his child his father could never be to him? Will Joe eventually get tired of living a suburban life and find a new obsession?

How are Fans Reacting to This Murder-Filled Trailer?

Within the two-minute and 36-second trailer, you see Joe and Love trying to be this perfect happy couple. Right from the start, you see Joe explaining to his child all of his questionable actions are for him even marrying his mom Love. Cluing in fans that, yes Joe does still love Love, but not how he used to, and has found a new obsession with his neighbor next door. Love noticing this does what she can so they can stay together, causing a chain of events where innocent lives will be lost all for “love”. So, they try couples counseling to try and mend their relationship but little does their therapist knows they kill people to solve their problems. Even bringing their baby along when burying a dead body, I guess every family way has their own way of family bonding.

There is a huge character development shown from that short amount of time of Love is more confident in herself and not scared to show her dark side. Show she is not one to be messed with and if Joe cheats, fans are waiting to see if she will put him in his place.

All over Twitter fans are excited to see how each character is going to progress or not during this new season. Can true love truly conquer all or will Joe just never be satisfied? What do you think is going to happen in the newest season?

Here are some fan’s reactions and/or theories: