550-Foot Ferris Wheel Becomes Stuck For Two Hours and is Captured By Viral TikToks.

I will never be stepping foot in a Ferris wheel again.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @Esmyyyyyy | TikTok

TikToks highlighting the scariest moment of these passenger’s lives has recently gone viral. Local media states that the High Roller on the Las Vegas Strip stopped working on September 18th. 150 people were then stranded for an hour and a half 550 feet in the air. Some people who were trapped on the ride captured the terrifying moments on TikTok, which have now gone viral.


Reply to @livelyhippie and the fact that they acted like nothing happened after we got off is what got me mad

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

One woman who was trapped on the ride noted that she spent the entire day convincing her husband to get onto the ride. When it broke, all they were told was that people were working to fix it. Another TikToker posted a video of the ride where it was tilted and trapped riders had their feet pressed against the glass.

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Reply to @livelyhippie and the fact that they acted like nothing happened after we got off is what got me mad

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

The TikToks highlight just how scary being stuck is. Not only were the passengers suspended incredibly high in the air for two hours, but some of the pods that were stuck would then become slanted, forcing people to pile on top of each other. In addition, many people reported that they were not given anything beyond a refund. One person that was stuck, Ivan Pineda, highlights that the pod he was in was the only one to become slanted and tilt. He explains that it was “terrible.” He shows that one person was hanging onto the railing inside of the pod to stop himself from being slanted on top of other people and explains that “gravity had its way with us.”


The crazy high roller experience from Pod 12 🎡 #vegas #highroller #highrollervegas #gravity #fyp

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Many of the passengers explained how terrified they were, especially the ones who were in the tilted pod. They were not rescued until after 2 a.m. with no communication to the passengers of when they would be rescued. One TikToker, @xoxo.rm noted that “I swear I thought that was the end of all of us.” Not only did they have a terrible experience, but other TikToks also revealed how they were then treated by employees after coming off the ride.


Reply to @slumped_moods i have a super bad fear of heights so i didnt even have the force to argue, i sat down and got myself together because I couldn’t even process what had happened to us😭

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@Xoxo.rm also noted how they still have not received their refunds and how they were told they would receive them in order for the passengers to leave. She also notes that someone who worked there also called them idiots. Though nobody was physically harmed, many of the passengers noted that though they were glad everyone was okay, it was extremely emotionally and mentally harmful.