Former Disney Distribution Executive Dave Hollis Dead at 47

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Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Dave Hollis, the former Disney Executive and ex-husband of Rachel Hollis, has passed at the age of 47.

As of this time the cause of death has not been determined. A representative of the family confirmed that he had recently been hospitalized due to recent health issues related to his heart and passed away in Texas.

Hollis, who passed on February 11th, would have turned 48 on Feb. 14th. Hollis is survived by his four children: Jackson, Sawyer, Ford and Noah. His ex-wife posted to Instagram on Tuesday, Feb. 14, asking for prayers.

“My heart is absolutely broken. I love you buddy. Watching you navigate it all with your great big heart, you have inspired so many. There will be a great big void with you not here,” Jenna Kutcher wrote.

Another added, “My heart is breaking for your beautiful children. May they look back on all the wisdom you shared with them and the world, and carry on your legacy of love.”

Back in 2018, Hollis left Disney to purse a career with his wife at the time. The two worked on self-help books including “Girl, Wash Your Face” and “Girl, Stop Apologizing.”

Back in 2015, Hollis went viral online after she shared a photo of her bikini that revealed stretch marks. The post, aimed toward highlighting the real side effects of pregnancies, helped the couple gain a large following online. The two focused on retreats from there focused on inspirational messaging under the company name “The Hollis Company.”


Back in 2020 the couple announced their divorce stating,

“Our marriage has been a triumph in so many ways… and it has run its course,” Dave Hollis wrote in an Instagram post at the time that has since been deleted. “Despite still loving and deeply respecting each other as friends, co-parents and business partners, Rae and I decided that the best way to allow each of those to thrive in the future is to end our marriage while the option for a beautiful, unconventional new family, friendship and partnership still exists as a real and hope-filled option.”

After the split, Dave Hollis produced his own podcast titled ‘Rise Together’ and published the two self-help books “Get Out of Your Own Way: A Skeptic’s Guide to Growth and Fulfillment” and “Built Through Courage: Face Your Fears to Live the Life You Were Meant For.”

His last book was aimed toward children titled “Here’s to Your Dreams!: A Teatime with Noah Book.”

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