Girl Goes Viral After Sharing Major Job Interview Fail

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This is one viral TikTok you need to see. TikToker @chayjordan_ posted her first TikTok ever that now has over six million views and it featured her applying for a job at a company called Sky West.


Okay this is one of the best TikToks ever ???? (????: @iammaddisonhill) (????: @chayjordan_ ) #viral #jobinterview #jobinterviewfail #jobtiktok

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The writing on the screen explained that during this interview she only got one chance to record her answer and well, she started recording a little too early.

For example in one part of the video you can hear her on the phone telling her friend one of the questions saying, “okay the question is, stupid cheesiest question I’ve ever read in my life.”

Yes, it was that bad. The question was about Sky West’s values and she goes on to practice her answer with her friend on the phone. She even goes as far to talk about how awkward it is she has to record herself and she reapplies lipstick all  before realizing she’s been recording this whole time. 

Her face shows you all you need to know. On a positive note someone in the comments who works for Sky West said the video was passed around their company facebook page, and the employees wanted her hired.

However, based on her bio, clearly the higher ups at Sky West don’t agree.


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