Google Maps Introduces Speedometer and Speed Limits on iOS: Enhancing Safety for iPhone Users

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Google Maps, a ubiquitous navigation tool used by millions worldwide, has finally introduced its speedometer and speed limit features to iOS and CarPlay, marking a significant update that aims to enhance driving safety and compliance with traffic laws for iPhone users.

Initially launched over five years ago on Android devices, these features have now been rolled out globally for iPhone users, as confirmed by Google in a recent update. The inclusion of these tools is designed to assist drivers in staying within legal speed limits, thereby reducing the risk of speeding tickets and promoting safer driving practices.

TechCrunch first reported the global rollout of the speedometer and speed limits on Google Maps for iOS, noting that the new features were initially observed in India before Google officially confirmed their availability worldwide. This update is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to standardize its feature set across different platforms and provide a consistent user experience.

To activate the speedometer and speed limits on their iPhones, users need to access the Google Maps app, tap on their profile picture, navigate to Settings, and then select Navigation and Driving options. Once enabled, the speedometer appears during navigation, displaying the vehicle’s current speed in either miles or kilometers per hour, depending on regional preferences.

Google emphasizes that while the speedometer offers real-time speed information, it is intended for informational use only. Drivers are advised to rely on their vehicle’s built-in speedometer for precise speed readings. The speed limit feature complements the speedometer by displaying the legal speed limit on the road being traveled, visually indicating when drivers exceed these limits through color-coded indicators on the speedometer display.

The introduction of these features on iOS follows their successful integration into the Android version of Google Maps in 2019. Initially launched in select markets, the speedometer and speed limits were gradually expanded to over 40 countries by May of that year. This expansion underscores Google’s commitment to enhancing driver safety globally by providing essential driving information directly within its navigation platform.

Google’s move to bring these tools to iOS and CarPlay reflects the company’s strategy to improve user satisfaction and engagement across its ecosystem of services. By ensuring that iPhone users have access to these essential driving aids, Google aims to streamline the navigation experience and empower drivers with the information needed to make informed decisions on the road.


As technology continues to play a pivotal role in modern driving experiences, integrating features like the speedometer and speed limits directly into navigation apps like Google Maps represents a proactive step towards promoting safer and more efficient driving habits worldwide. The rollout of these features on iOS underscores Google’s ongoing commitment to innovation in digital mapping and navigation, aiming to set new standards for user convenience and road safety in the mobile technology landscape.

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