Here’s What You Need to Know About TikTok’s “Couch Guy”

TikTok deems Couch Guy guilty! But who is "Couch Guy?"
By Savannah Moss
Lauren Zarras | TikTok

Recently on TikTok, people are nonstop discussing a now-viral video of a girlfriend surprising her long-distance boyfriend at college. What was supposed to be a heartwarming, sweet video has gone viral for completely different and negative reasons. Lauren Zarras, the original user who posted the video, walks to her boyfriend to give him a hug. After the boy, Robbie, who was surprised, deemed “couch guy” as he was seen sitting on a couch with three other girls in the video, seemed to have a neutral reaction to the surprise, many people attempted to decipher whether or not the boy had been cheating on her while she was away.


robbie had no idea

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Many of the comments are negative, commenting on the “vibes” or the reactions of not just Robbie, but everyone in the entire room. The video now has 4.3 likes, over 100 thousand comments, and 52 million views. In addition, there are many renditions of the video to make fun of Lauren and Robbie.

Many on TiKTok think that “couch guy” has been cheating on his girlfriend. Photo: Laurenzarras | TikTok

Many have commented on how reluctant he looks to reach in and hug her, and how he has someone else’s hair tie on his wrist, though he does not have enough hair to use for a ponytail. These users have taken it upon themselves to analyze the videos completely and coming up with a conclusion.



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this just keeps getting more interesting #couchguy #surprisingmyboyfriend

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Most on TikTok are in agreement that Couch Guy was doing something sneaky and had been caught redhanded on the video. However, Lauren tries to convince people otherwise. In her comments, she says “Breaks my heart that people can watch a special moment and bring so much negativity. Please think before you assume anything about my relationship. As for the phone comments, his phone was in his lap. Thanks for the concern though! And no, I am not in denial.” Even Robbie got involved, as he tried to explain that he feels as if he is being gaslit into thinking that he was doing something wrong or that his girlfriend was being gaslit into believing that he was guilty.


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Despite both Robbie and Lauren’s denial, TikTok’s conclusion of the situation is that Couch Guy is guilty and that Lauren refuses to believe it.