How Creators are Using TikTok to Protest the Overturning of Roe V. Wade

Trigger warning for sexual assault.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @_willowbramley_ | TikTok

As you are most likely aware, there was recently a leak of a draft that would overturn Roe V. Wade if it were published. Since then, people from both sides have been active in their form of protests. Some protested outside of the White House capital or the capital of their states. But, since we live in a time of the digital age, many creators have used TikTok to voice their opinions. In a trend online, creators are speaking out as to why they believe abortion should be legal. Often, they tell a story that involves sexual abuse and what happened to them, and how being in that traumatic situation shaped their opinion on being pro-choice. Since these stories are highly sensitive and often graphic, it is best to avoid the videos if you could be affected by them.


I told my boyfriend I wanted to wait until marriage, but instead he held the camera during the abuse. I’m lucky the morning after pill worked. #keepsupporting #keepyourlawsoffmybody #feminist #prochoicewithheart #womenpower #prochoiceisprowomen #independent

♬ vent – Baby Keem

The song that the trend uses is called “Vent” by Baby Keem. Creators often tell their story and then feign throwing the phone down with them stopping on it, with a message saying “Keep your laws off my body.” The stories vary, causing a lot to understand how many women are abused and how different their stories can be. These videos, although hard to watch, are eye-opening for many as they understand the complexity of people’s situations.


and again at 10, 12, 13, 14 #emzshit #fyp #womensrights

♬ vent – Baby Keem



Don’t tell me you protect the innocent, what about her?

♬ vent – Baby Keem

The point of the trend is to show how not everyone chose to be pregnant and how these laws can affect them. Many of the videos have thousands of likes and comments. One TikToker pointed out that the trend is so popular because so many women can relate to being assaulted, which is upsetting to see and understand. “These videos are painful but are spreading the TRUTH that needs to be heard” commented one user. Since abortion is known as one of the most controversial topics since the 1970’s, it was not surprising to see the debate portrayed on TikTok as well.