How Online Bingo is Rebranding to Appeal to Younger Generations

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By Andy Lalwani

The image of bingo used to be marked as a game for older players. But this traditional view of the popular game has now experienced a dramatic change.Nowadays, players of bingo are far more likely to be in their 20s and 30s. Younger players tend to play the game on bingo sites UK rather than in the bingo halls of the past. Bingo is a game more about luck than skill. It offers a great level of excitement as players mark off their numbers in real-time or virtually. 

Bingo is also regenerating itself in the live venue world. UK bingo clubs and venues still do good business and regularly welcome players to the game. Here too the average age is less, and in some clubs, students make up a significant proportion of the custom.But it is online where the impact of a new kind of bingo is really starting to show.

A move online

The move away from bingo halls to online activity for the young has been partly due to the rise of smartphones and mobile devices. While mobile devices are used by everyone these days, it is the younger generations that rely on them most. 

Many members of the younger generations are never apart from their smartphones, so it’s only natural that they get most of their content online. This is true of music, entertainment and games such as online bingo. 

A new dynamic kind of bingo

The new style of online bingo has struck a chord with the younger generations. There are several key reasons for this.

One is that the games are always online, 24/7. The internet does not have opening and closing times.

In the past, if a player new to the game wanted to experience bingo in its traditional environment, they would have to visit when the halls were open. These days, players can simply log onto their account and play for as long as they want. 

Another significant reason for the popularity of bingo amongst the young is the amount of choice offered online. The sheer variety of games, themes and options allow players to configure exactly how they like to play. The idea of the best online bingo sites is that they put the player in control of the overall experience.  This ties in with the online expectations of the younger generation who have grown up as tech-savvy consumers. For them, there is less of a clear distinction between the online world and bricks and mortar venues. 

Successful marketing and design

For online sites to be successful, they need to respect this view of putting time and expertise into the entire online experience. The latest online bingo sites specifically target the younger generations through fun themes, clever advertising and flashy visuals. 

This is mirroring the successful restyling of land-based bingo venues that have steadily drawn in younger players. That has worked with a greater number of entertainment choices. Music, food and dining options and comedy have combined with the bingo to offer a fun night out.

The same marketing ideas of offering greater choice is also at work in rebranding bingo a largely online market. The clear fact for business owners and retail developers is that the younger generations including millennials are rarely without a device.

Changing lifestyles

Classic games and distractions such as bingo are also given a different kind of social aspect online. The past image of a dimly lit bingo hall where people meet up to play and have a bit of a chat once a week takes on a wholly different look online. 

People playing online can interact with fellow fans of the game in chatrooms and on message boards. Social media is also a constant in many younger people’s lives. A key part of online activity that marketing companies are always aware of is the fact that different mediums and sites each play a part in lifestyle. 

For example, someone might be playing a bingo game online while also messaging their friends on another platform. They can multi-task and shift their attention from one to the other in an instant. This breaking down of the borders from one experience to another is part of changing face of entertainment and digital lifestyles.

Younger people are also going out in different ways they days. Studies have shown that the younger generations are staying in more. Financial pressures and career demands can lead to younger people going out less. But mobile devices for entertainment, communication, and information are always present. Online bingo has created the ideal way of appealing to a younger customer base by making their products accessible and relatable. Fast and easy to play online bingo is an excellent way to unwind after a long day (or night) at work. 

Bingo has undergone a completely new change of image. The younger generations and online activity are a major part of this. With more and more consumers relying on devices for a wide range of things, this looks set to continue.