How The Internet is Encouraging Acceptance This Trans Visibility Day

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March 31 marks Trans Visibility Day. The holiday carries extra weight this year, as several U.S. states are moving to limit access to LGBTQ+ educational materials and gender affirming healthcare, as well as banning drag performances. Anti-trans rhetoric has heightened due to right-wing media personalities and some GOP politicians blaming the recent Nashville mass shooting on the trans identity of the perpetrator, mischaracterizing the trans community at large as violent.

Prior to the shooting, author J.K. Rowling, who famously penned the “Harry Potter” franchise, additionally espoused anti-trans views, insinuating that trans women were not women in an essay titled “TERF Wars”. Rowling has received criticism across the internet for her views in recent months.To combat the ongoing misinformation surrounding the trans and nonbinary community, a group of LGBTQ+ celebrities and influencers teamed up with allies to record a PSA on Trans Visibility day, broadcast through Them and Teen Vogue’s social media accounts.

The video included clips of young transgender children and teenagers, one of whom recounted her story of moving to Connecticut with her family following the Texas bans on gender affirming healthcare for minors. The video additionally included words of encouragement from TikTok creator Dylan Mulvaney, actor Bella Ramsey, singer-songwriter Adam Lambert, comedian John Leguizamo, and more.

Bella Ramsey, known for their roles in “The Last Of Us” and “Game of Thrones,” posted a throwback photo from their childhood, and spoke of their experience with finding their nonbinary identity.

Congressman Ted Lieu (@tedlieu), who represents California’s 36th district, encouraged voters to educate themselves on the trans community today, sharing a video that profiled 14-year-old Rebecca, who loves reading and field hockey, and also identifies as transgender. The video was originally posted by the Congressional Equality Caucus, and has amassed over 40,000 views.


Journalist and activist Erin Reed (@erininthemorn) shared a video of a protest for access to gender affirming healthcare, and encouraged allies to uplift the trans community, today and everyday.

Actress Rachel Zegler encouraged fans to donate to a close personal friend of hers, so as to help them afford top surgery, a gender affirming procedure.

Many artists shared positive illustrations in support of the trans community.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada shared words of support for the trans community via Twitter.

With the flood of positive messages to support a community whose rights are under attack in several U.S. states, many hope that love will conquer all in the end, and that states will eventually realize that gender identity is a personal phenomenon.

Despite the backlash from conservative politicians, much of the internet wants to get one message across–that all gender identities are valid forms of expression, even if they were not assigned at birth.

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