How the Met Gala is Being Celebrated Online Before it Even Begins

It's that time again!
By Savannah Moss
Image: @thibotox and @ladymollyelizabeth | TikTok

The Met Gala is often known as “the party of the year” or sometimes “the Oscars of the East Coast” and creates a lot of buzz for many who are attending. But, it also gets a lot of attention from those who are watching at home. Officially, the Met Gala is the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit, and the dress code usually coincides with a particular theme. Since the event precedes the Costume Institute’s annual blockbuster show, the theme will reflect the show. Since this is the second year of the “In America: An Anthology of Fashion,” the theme is Gilded Glamour, and Twitter is already excited to celebrate.

How Twitter is celebrating

The Met Gala, which always takes place on the first Monday in May, has already begun to trend on Twitter, although the event has yet to begin. Still, many were discussing who they hoped to see and looked back on their favorite, and least favorite looks from Met Gala’s past. Many fans took the time to showcase their favorite looks altogether, and there are a few fan favorites. For instance, many loved the “Heavenly Bodies” theme from 2018. This was a rare year that seemed to have no disappointments from fans, which is rare.

Speaking of disappointments, Twitter is not shy of sharing who they think holds the candle for the worst looks. First, many fans hate it when people arrive in something boring, which typically happens when men arrive in a suit only, this is especially disappointing as the night is known as “Fashion’s Biggest Night.” Fans online were also not shy to share their list of who was worst dressed in the past.

How TikTok is celebrating

On TikTok, many were making predictions as to who they believed would be attending this year’s Met Gala and what they would be wearing. This year’s theme is Gilded Glamour, referring to a time period between the 1870s and 1890s in New York. During this time period, many were wealthy, so people are expecting fashion to show off wealth, especially with bustles and corsets.


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Some are concerned that the theme will be misinterpreted for 1920’s fashion, while others predict people will participate with the theme, especially since Blake Lively is one of the hosts, who is known as someone to nail the theme every year.


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Overall, it seems like the internet’s hopes for this year’s Met Gala are high, especially since people are looking forward to the hosts, who are Regina King, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Lin Manuel-Miranda.