How TikTok is Using MLK Day to Educate the Youth

Different ways different creators helped educate about MLK's legacy
By Savannah Moss

Today, for Martin Luther King Day, many creators are using the day to talk about who MLK was, what he fought for, and many more things surrounding the civil rights movements. The hashtag #MLKday has over 460 million views, with several videos explaining different aspects of the movement. This is important because TikTok has a high youth audience, so it is important for history to be accessible to them, as well.


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One creator, @Bellewoghirenn, posted a few days before MLK, letting people know what Monday is when the holiday would fall. She then explains his impact, describing it as “worldwide” and notes that not only did he help change legislation and civil rights in America, but modeled and set a basis for how it could be done in other countries too. She also explains that though this is overlooked, he was a global activist as well, and believed there should be global unity as the lines for different countries were “artificial.”


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Another creator, @taylorcassidyj, discussed MLK trivia, asking people if they knew these certain facts about MLK. For example, she asked if people knew what sports he loved to play or what his zodiac sign. She also educated viewers on the fact that MLK is the youngest man to receive the Nobel Peace Prize when he was 35 years old.


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One teacher shared that she had her students write what their dreams were, resonating with the famous speech MLK had made. These were very wholesome, from dreams like no more fighting to no more litter in the ocean. Overall, different creators used their platform in different ways, from talking about how MLK was not the most popular at the time of his assassination that he is looked at as of right now, and to talk about how his role impacted not only America but set precedents for other countries as well.