Inflation Rises to 9.1% and Puts More Pressure on American Families

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Prices in June continued to rise and reached 9.1 percent from last year. This marks the fastest pace since 1981 and continues many’s concerns about a looming recession. But, some are hopeful that July’s inflation index will prove to be lower, especially as gas prices are tending to mellow after peaking at an average of $5.oo. But, gas prices are unpredictable and some experts believe gas prices will increase once again. Either way, the steep prices continue to prove how difficult things can be at the moment for families across the nation.

According to the report, food and rent became much more expensive. Founder of MacroPolicy Perspectives, Julia Coronado, said the report was “ugly,” saying “I don’t think there is anything good about this report, as far as the Fed is concerned, as far as the U.S. consumer is concerned.” The Fed might increase interest prices again, which they did recently to try to compete with the continued increasing inflation.


Of course, the news began to trend on Twitter, with “9.1” being the number one thing to surface in people’s tweets and a lot of criticism towards President Joe Biden. “Inflation continues to soar. 9.1% in June – the highest rate in 41 years. Instead of helping American families by getting our economy back on track, Democrats are proposing more reckless spending and higher taxes. Unacceptable,” representative Adrian Smith commented on Twitter.


On Twitter, Biden referenced gas prices lowering a little bit, noting “In the past 30 days, the average price of gas has dropped by 40 cents a gallon. That’s breathing room for American families, but oil prices have come down $20/barrel while gas at the pump has only come down 40 cents. Oil and gas companies must pass these lower costs on to consumers.” Still, with rent prices, groceries, and gas, many are worried inflation will continue to rise and put more pressure onto people who are already struggling.

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