4 Interesting Ways to Use TikTok for B2C Brands

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In this photo illustration a TikTok logo seen displayed on a smartphone screen in Athens, Greece on May 7, 2023.
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Do you want to market your B2C brand effectively to the right audience?

If your answer is a Yes! Then, reading this article will do the trick for you. This article helps business enthusiasts and B2C brands get the proper knowledge to promote their brands and products on TikTok successfully. TikTok, the famous video-sharing and social networking platform, has managed to capture the attention of businesses across the globe. 

Marketers consider the platform to be a goldmine for marketing. It is considered so because of the vast user base. The platforms allow brands to create awareness, advertise their products and services, gain new customers, and earn profits. If you are a brand looking to strengthen your digital presence on TikTok, leveraging Trollishly would be your one-stop solution. A solid online presence is vital to make your brand’s presence known to users and acquire more clients.

What Is a B2C Brand?

B2C means business to consumers. The business-to-consumer or B2C brand refers to businesses directly selling their products or services to their end customers. Ex: Starbucks selling hot beverages to its customers is an example of a B2C brand. 

Benefits TikTok Offers B2C Brands:

Many B2C brands consider TikTok an effective tool for marketing. One of the significant advantages that the platform offers B2C brands is to create brand awareness effectively, given the app’s user base. The other benefits include the following:

  • Connect With a Global Audience: TikTok allows brands to capture the attention of audiences living in various parts of the world. The platform has around 1+ billion users across the globe. To attract your audience, all you need to do as a marketer is to create valuable, creative, and engaging content. 
  • Gain User Engagement: The platform allows your audience to engage with your brand directly and vice versa. The brand enables your target audience to like, share and comment on your videos. It also allows brands to interact with the target audience by responding to their queries and comments.
  • Keep Up With the Social Media Trends: The platform allows brands to stay abreast of the latest trends on TikTok. The “For You Page” features high-quality content incorporating trending audio and visual elements. Content marketers can get a glimpse of their competitor’s content and gain ideas to create content that appeals to their target audience.

4 Interesting Ways to Use TikTok for B2C Brands:

TikTok has helped many B2C brands gain traction and make great sales. If you are a B2C brand looking to gain a competitive edge over other brands, here are a few interesting strategies you can use to facilitate the growth of your business:

  1. Understand Your Audience and Create Valuable Content

The first step that brands need to consider before devising a content strategy plan is to understand their target audience. It is essential to properly understand your target audience, their age group, interests and pain points. It will help brands create valuable content for their target audience that will likely benefit them and present it to them using the preferred content type. However, while creating and publishing content, keep your business goals in mind and ensure to achieve them through the content you post.


Pro Tip: If you wish to add to the attractiveness of your content, incorporate visual effects and trending background music. Additionally, brands buy tiktok likes to make such creative and captivating content get in front of a larger audience. Therefore, displaying your content to a larger audience helps you get maximum engagement. 

  1. Create Duet and Stitch Videos

The platform allows content creators to incorporate other users’ videos into their own videos. Combining parts of other users’ videos is made possible through the duet and stitch feature. The duet feature allows creators to show their original videos along with the video of another creator. In duet videos, both videos appear in a side-by-side manner. Ex: You can create entertaining content for your audience that showcases a viral dance video on TikTok alongside the video which showcases an employee’s kid replicating similar moves. 

The stitch feature allows creators to trim relevant parts of other users’ content and fuse it with their content. Ex: If you wish to publish some informative videos such as a do’s and don’ts video, for content related to the do’s, you can take parts of other creators’ videos that showcase a person giving a thumbs up with a broad smile. Likewise, for the don’ts part, you can cut specific scenes from other users’ videos showcasing a person giving a thumbs down.

  1. Leverage TikTok Ads

The three forms of advertisement that most of the B2C brands on TikTok use are as follows:

  • In-feed Ads: They are full-screen advertisements that appear between videos on the FYP. It is an effective advertising method as your audience has fewer chances to scroll past an in-feed ad.
  • Brand Takeover Ads: It is a full-screen video that users get to watch as soon as they open the app. Similar to in-feed ads, the audience easily notices brand takeover ads. 
  • Top View Ads: Top view ads appear in the in-feed posts of your target audience to ensure that they don’t fail to watch the ad.

The most significant advantage of using these ads is that they surely get watched by the target audience. It also allows brands to communicate their message successfully.

  1. Collaborate With Influencers

Relying on influencer marketing will help businesses create brand awareness and grow their sales massively. Influencers are famous personalities on the platform with a considerable following. However, if you intend to hire an influencer, ensure they belong to your niche and have a good following. Doing so will help you market your brand and service offerings to the right audience who are likely to buy from you. Businesses use Trollishly to get their influencer-generated content to go viral on the platform. Such videos going viral on TikTok helps brands build credibility and gain the trust of their audience.


Final Thoughts

TikTok enables brands to connect with their target audience and convey their brand message using various methods. Regardless of the strategies you choose to adopt for the execution of your marketing activities, it is essential to know your target audience first. We recommend you to try all four proven and interesting ways to use TikTok for your B2C brand shared in this article. And, then select the strategy that works well for your brand.

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