Internet Loves Adorable “Kevin From the Office” Baby Costume

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So before you get your hopes up at the idea of getting to dress up your baby up as Kevin, the chili spilling office oaf as best known on that small portrait of the obnoxious and long suffering struggle: The Office for Halloween, just know that this costume is actually just an incredible photoshop. First posted on Instagram by @adam.the.creator, the photoshop parodies the often generic world of semi legal rip off Halloween costume selling — such as “Big Red Plumber” for Mario or something like that. This one is “Paper Company Accountant Spilling A Pot Of Chili”. Amazing!

Still, why not give your baby a more esoteric referential costume? You only have one baby Halloween, and what, you want them to be something as generic like a pumpkin or a dog!? No! Those are normie baby costumes!!! This is a baby who is cool, with it, and references the popular entertainment of the day!

Now get me a costume of a baby dressed up like a tinier Vince Adultman from Bojack Horseman and– oh, you’re no sure who that is? Ha! Well, looks like someone’s raising a normie baby! Out of the way! My baby is cool!

What did you think of the costume? Do you wish it was real? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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